When your business needs a website, you’ll start by securing a domain name and website host. The next step will be to select a website platform. There are many free and paid ones available online, but WordPress web design is at the top of the list. Here’s why so many digital marketers and businesses like yours love working with it.

  1. It’s built for search engines and SEO

On-page SEO is challenging with the wrong platform, but with WordPress it’s easy and straightforward. WordPress is built from the ground up to please people using search engines and the crawlers deployed by search engines to rank a website’s markup and coding structure. WordPress also offers plugins that manage various aspects of SEO on your behalf, automatically auditing and optimising its meta descriptions and titles and H1 titles.

  1. It makes content creation easy

Blogging on WordPress is extremely easy to do, which means that your business can take charge of its own content creation easily. This means you’ll be able to instantly upload and publish video and photo content to your website, which can be automatically cross-posted to your business’s social media platforms.

  1. It’s mobile-friendly

Having been in the industry for over a decade, WordPress is an established platform that understands the importance of having a website that can be viewed and engaged with on mobile. Because of this most WordPress themes come mobile-optimised and ready to go, so there’s less work your developers and designers need to do.

  1. It’s open source

Few things are free in today’s world, but the WordPress platform is. It’s an open source, free content management platform to use website building tool with no commercial limits. This means that your business can use it for any product or service and you aren’t limited to using a specific website host. The only thing you’ll need to pay for is custom web designed themes and plugins that others have created. Overall, it’s still a very affordable option.

Building a WordPress website requires the expertise of a designer or developer familiar with the platform. You can find this kind of expertise at Pixelfire, Geelong’s WordPress website design experts. Call us today to get your WordPress website started.

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