Online Learning Amid COVID Pandemic

The recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus has forced people to isolate themselves in a safe environment. Maintaining physical distance has become the utmost importance for every individual across the globe. However, this pandemic has triggered online learning to a large extent among the children and their parents.

Online learning has become a crucial mode of gaining knowledge, especially when the parents have to divert their kids to get into their textbooks. There are so many learning classes and materials available online that the parents can refer to their children. This not only makes the lives of parents easier, but also enhances the child’s learning capacity.

In recent times Lido learning has been grabbing the attention of many parents worldwide. This is the best platform where parents are able to pick up the activities for their children.

To make Lido learning equally interesting for the children, the parents must follow some of the golden rules given below.

  • Set time to attend online classes: As parents have also started working from home, they are unable to define between working hours and time to be spent for children. But giving time to children, so that they are able to continue with their learning process, is equally important. To make things smooth, it is very important to schedule all the official meetings and household chores in such a way that you are able to attend online classes.
  • Limit your distractions: Since everything in this world has become confined to a closed room, it is important for the parents to limit themselves from any kind of distractions unless it is an emergency. You may avoid picking phone calls by keeping it on silent mode or set it to automatically revert the moment you reject anyone’s call. Also, keep the necessary items, such as a bottle of water, a pen, a notebook, etc. Near you so that you don’t need to get up while the classes are going on.
  • Be attentive: Just like the children are required to be attentive when they are physically present in the classroom, the parents too should pay attention during the virtual learning sessions. This will help you to teach your children that you might have learned from the online classes.
  • Keep it interactive: Any online session becomes interesting when you start interacting with the trainers. At the end of every online learning class, the session is opened for the parents to ask or share their ideas. Such interactive sessions also help to get clarity on the topics that have been taught.


Every parent loves to spend time with their children. But due to work pressure, they are unable to give children their time. It is high time that the parents start realizing the importance of online learning classes. This will not only benefit their kid’s growth but also allow the parents to connect with their children in a more fun and interactive way. So without wasting any further time, join an online learning class today!

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