Keeping Your Computer Virus Free

Computer viruses have been present in our lives for decades. Despite this, there are many occasions where false alarms are created about its circulation through the network. Indeed, there will always be a risk, but you have to work hard to end the famous hoaxes.

Virus classes

One of the first malicious viruses was ” Rabbit “, which blocked devices. Then “Elk Cloner” appeared, which affected Apple, and “Brain”, on IBM computers. From here, a list of computer viruses was created:

  • Residents They are in the memory of the computer and alter files as they are selected or closed.
  • Direct action. They are installed in the root directory of the hard drive and attack when a program is run.
  • Overwriting. We found them in the archives. It is located on the desktop. The famous ” cluster “. They change the location of the files when we try to access them.

Boot system virus. They attack the moment the hard drive is running.

Other types of secondary viruses

  • Trojans. They hide behind a harmless appearance, for example, a program, and cause hackers to take control of your computer to steal personal data. The most famous is “Zeus”, which affected more than three million devices in the US. 77% of them had updated antivirus.
  • Worms It is malware that spreads when we transfer files. It causes system crashes and wastes bandwidth. The best known was “Morris”, which in 1988 affected tens of thousands of computers with an Internet connection.
  • Spyware. It collects data from your device and transfers it to another place. One of the most dangerous is the “Skygofree”, which affects smartphones, and hackers can completely control it.
  • Adware. It scans your computer’s memory to find out your preferences and shows you advertisements constantly.

How to protect ourselves from computer viruses?

The best thing is to install an antivirus, although we must know that the system itself has mechanisms to protect itself. mcafee total protection download using product key You have to be especially careful with social networks. Never open a file without checking its origin.

Close the website when the browser tells you that it is not a secure site.

Do not accept files from contacts that you do not know.

  1. Install antivirus/malware software.

This advice may go without saying, and we mentioned it earlier. However, many computers – especially home computers – do not have virus/malware protection. This protection is an essential first step in keeping your PC virus-free.

  1. Keep your antivirus software updated.

Having protection software is the first step; keeping it is the second. The free antivirus software is better than nothing, but note that it is not the best solution. Microsoft provides a “free” security package. It’s free because if you have Windows on your computer, you are granted access, but you paid for your Windows license. Many users are not aware of this program, but it is decent protection.

  1. Run regularly scheduled scans with your antivirus software.

This may also seem obvious, but many of us forget to do it. Set the software to run at regular intervals. Once a week is preferable, but don’t expect much longer between each scan. It isn’t easy to work on the computer while the antivirus software is running.

  1. Keep your operating system updated.

Whether you use Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or any other operating system, keep it up to date. Functional system developers always release security patches that fix and plug security leaks. These patches will help you keep your system safe.

  1. Protect your network.

Many of our PCs connect to our files, printers or the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection. You are not satisfied with your McAfee antivirus package purchase, or you found an alternative antivirus program. You have uninstalled the McAfee program from your computer and now want does mcafee slow down computer for the software. Like other companies, McAfee has a refund policy: You must request a refund within 30 days of purchasing the McAfee program by contacting the company’s Customer Service Department.


1 Call the McAfee Customer Service Department. Press “3” for “Refund” on your phone once the automated McAfee system begins providing you with options.

2 Talk to a customer service representative and tell them that you want a refund for the McAfee package that you uninstalled. He might ask you for the email address he used when he first used the McAfee package. McAfee package number is with the original invoice/documentation that came with the McAfee package.

3 Make a note of the customer service representative’s name, any confirmation number he could give you, and the estimated arrival time for your refund check that it indicates. Keep this information in case you miss your refund check and need to call McAfee again.

The Top 12 Cloud-based Business Tools

Small business owners are constantly looking for new tools to help them run their businesses more effectively. The persistent security advances to the cloud have helped to make online business tools even more powerful for the businesses that use them. If you are a business owner looking for some guidance on the top cloud-based business tools for 2019, then we offer this list as a starting point.

Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox is a virtual mailbox service that helps you to organized your standard mail while reducing the amount of mail you have to deal with at your office. You are given a physical address to use for receiving mail, and each day you get digital downloads of your mail to analyze and decide if you are keeping them or having them recycled.


There are many SaaS companies that have been offering quality services to small businesses for a very long time, and Freshbooks is definitely one of those providers. This is a comprehensive online accounting tool that allows you to generate invoices, track expenses, and bill time accurately.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce has been an innovator in CRM software for decades, and the Salesforce Sales Cloud solution allows you to bring your customer database wherever you go to offer the ultimate in customer service. All of your field and office personnel will have access to all of the CRM information they need to close deals and keep repeat business.


Interactive scheduling software that allows customers to schedule meetings, as well as employees, has become popular in the service industries. These days, it is not unusual to go to your auto mechanic’s website and be able to schedule your own appointment. Software such as Calendly helps to make that feature a reality.


Small business marketing software has been around for a long time, and Infusionsoft has been around since the very beginning. This extremely popular marketing and CRM platform help small business to get more out of every customer interaction.


Each small business does recruit and human resources in different ways, but BambooHR allows your small business to take care of all of your recruiting and human resources needs on one platform. This software takes care of everything from job description development to applicant tracking as the applicant goes through the entire recruiting and interview process.


Small businesses can sometimes find it difficult to benefit from business intelligence programs because of a lack of available platforms that are affordable and can manipulate data in a variety of ways. Sisense is a business intelligence platform that allows your business to take the data it generates and put that data into reports you can use.


Productivity software is not something small businesses generally use because it tends to be expensive and it can also be complicated to understand. MoneyPenny is a productivity platform that will show you exactly what each member of your team is doing, how long they have been doing it, and whether or not it applies to their job. With this kind of software, a small business owner could increase productivity and be smarter when hiring new people.


Small businesses never used to look at their operations as project-based unless they were in a contracting industry. But these days, project management has become important to small businesses, and Clarizen is a simplified project management software that can keep your projects on track and prevent the wasting of any valuable resources.


MailChimp was one of the first email marketing tools that small businesses adopted in large numbers because it is an easy marketing platform to use. Over the years, MailChimp has increased its value by allowing businesses to connect with other marketing tools, optimize their email marketing campaigns and create automated processes to eliminate wasted time.


In recent years, the idea of improving the customer experience has become a primary concern for small businesses that want to get the best value for their sales efforts. Yotpo is a customer experience management platform that helps small businesses to learn what their customers really want, and then delivers reports that show how to drive more revenue from the current customer base. This software is also excellent at helping businesses to improve customer service, sales, and marketing practices.

As the number of SaaS companies grows, so does the availability of software to help small businesses to generate more revenue. With a variety of cloud-based tools available, small businesses can now be just as mobile and accessible as their larger counterparts, and they can offer the same types of high-level customer services as well.