Managing Projects with Management Software

Project management pertains to the techniques and tools needed to manage, organize, and plan resources to achieve some specific objective within a specified time frame. The goal and resources depends on the collaborating team members. One can get quality management software for $10 – $25 and all of them offer to let you try the software free for a trial period. More than half of the software provide storage space for free accounts.

Features of management software

The common features of the online project management software include collaboration, file sharing, Gantt charts, issue management, milestone tracking. Most of the management software have features for project planning and for resource management.

Typically, each member of the team can see what task is assigned to whom and when the task will be completed. They have a common storage area, some memory space allocated through Box, OneDrive, or Google Drive. They upload their work files to this area so everyone sees what they do. This kind of visibility is a help. If one person has more tasks assigned to him or her and the deadline is approaching, the other team members can see this. They will allocate some of the tasks to other team members who are free.

Project assets allocation

The assets for the project are determined at the beginning of the project. All members of the team have equal access to these assets. The members are present in the project management always. They share their suggestions and thoughts on the project on the project discussion board. This helps them stick to the deadlines and perform the best work. The thought that all members are looking at the project all the time is an inspiration. This is an area for the managers to assess who has more work and who does not have enough.

Tools for the project

Among the tools for project management, the most common one is the task management software. This is a tool for managing the workflow. You detail the tasks along with the descriptions, documents explain the details, and the deadline and assign them to specific individuals. By using time specific software, you can arrange for the team to take up just the right amount of work so that they finish the work just as the deadline comes up. This has no management features involved in it and just represents endless tasks, one after the other.

The next most popular tool is the collaboration software tool. Due to the availability of many tools, the collaboration tool is really a mixture of these tools. So, collaboration tool might mean to people editing a document in one software while it will mean video conferencing in another. In general, they allow an entire team to login to a common website and contribute individual work towards the achievement of the common goal.

When you buy a software, the software team will provide a list of features that include 24×7 live support and the support will answer your questions at any time. They provide one-on-one training. You can attend webinars that help you work with the software better. And, they will provide the documentation that you can refer to and use.

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