The Top 12 Cloud-based Business Tools

Small business owners are constantly looking for new tools to help them run their businesses more effectively. The persistent security advances to the cloud have helped to make online business tools even more powerful for the businesses that use them. If you are a business owner looking for some guidance on the top cloud-based business tools for 2019, then we offer this list as a starting point.

Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox is a virtual mailbox service that helps you to organized your standard mail while reducing the amount of mail you have to deal with at your office. You are given a physical address to use for receiving mail, and each day you get digital downloads of your mail to analyze and decide if you are keeping them or having them recycled.


There are many SaaS companies that have been offering quality services to small businesses for a very long time, and Freshbooks is definitely one of those providers. This is a comprehensive online accounting tool that allows you to generate invoices, track expenses, and bill time accurately.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce has been an innovator in CRM software for decades, and the Salesforce Sales Cloud solution allows you to bring your customer database wherever you go to offer the ultimate in customer service. All of your field and office personnel will have access to all of the CRM information they need to close deals and keep repeat business.


Interactive scheduling software that allows customers to schedule meetings, as well as employees, has become popular in the service industries. These days, it is not unusual to go to your auto mechanic’s website and be able to schedule your own appointment. Software such as Calendly helps to make that feature a reality.


Small business marketing software has been around for a long time, and Infusionsoft has been around since the very beginning. This extremely popular marketing and CRM platform help small business to get more out of every customer interaction.


Each small business does recruit and human resources in different ways, but BambooHR allows your small business to take care of all of your recruiting and human resources needs on one platform. This software takes care of everything from job description development to applicant tracking as the applicant goes through the entire recruiting and interview process.


Small businesses can sometimes find it difficult to benefit from business intelligence programs because of a lack of available platforms that are affordable and can manipulate data in a variety of ways. Sisense is a business intelligence platform that allows your business to take the data it generates and put that data into reports you can use.


Productivity software is not something small businesses generally use because it tends to be expensive and it can also be complicated to understand. MoneyPenny is a productivity platform that will show you exactly what each member of your team is doing, how long they have been doing it, and whether or not it applies to their job. With this kind of software, a small business owner could increase productivity and be smarter when hiring new people.


Small businesses never used to look at their operations as project-based unless they were in a contracting industry. But these days, project management has become important to small businesses, and Clarizen is a simplified project management software that can keep your projects on track and prevent the wasting of any valuable resources.


MailChimp was one of the first email marketing tools that small businesses adopted in large numbers because it is an easy marketing platform to use. Over the years, MailChimp has increased its value by allowing businesses to connect with other marketing tools, optimize their email marketing campaigns and create automated processes to eliminate wasted time.


In recent years, the idea of improving the customer experience has become a primary concern for small businesses that want to get the best value for their sales efforts. Yotpo is a customer experience management platform that helps small businesses to learn what their customers really want, and then delivers reports that show how to drive more revenue from the current customer base. This software is also excellent at helping businesses to improve customer service, sales, and marketing practices.

As the number of SaaS companies grows, so does the availability of software to help small businesses to generate more revenue. With a variety of cloud-based tools available, small businesses can now be just as mobile and accessible as their larger counterparts, and they can offer the same types of high-level customer services as well.

How to Watch Polish TV on Android

Are you still wondering how you can watch TV in the Polish language? Now, it is possible to do it in several ways. The most common options that allow you to watch Android Polish TV are:

  • Through a specially designed Polish TV company Android app,
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The Best Android Free Polish TV Apps

We have made a thorough research of Polish TV Android app versions, and we shall admit one thing. While on the market, there are a lot of apps for Android, but among them, there are just several that deserve your attention.

Poland In is a Polish TV app Android that has got mostly positive reviews. However, if you live in the USA, this app will not work for you.

Another app is the one designed specifically for Polish TV Company. It gives you access to Polish TV on Android TV or any other Android device from any part of the world. It requires just one click to download, and the service becomes accessible with no delays. 

What Android Box to Watch Polish Live TV

If you have an Android TV, just getting an app might be not sufficient. In such a case, you might prefer to enjoy Polish TV on an Android box. It transforms your usual TV into a smart one. If you have a smart TV, a good Android box will boost its capabilities. Thus, we recommend getting an Android box. 

How to Get Polish TV on Android Box

Just purchasing an Android box, even the best one, is not enough to start watching the channels of Polish TV Company on Android box. First, you shall set up the box. To do so, follow the instruction:

  • Download an app to watch Polish TV Android. 
  • You get access to Android TV box Polish channels. 
  • Set them up, arrange them into favorite sections, and enjoy your Polish TV channels Android TV

How to Watch Polish TV on Android

If you already have a smart TV or you prefer using any other Android device to watch TV, things are even easier. You don`t need to buy anything. All you need to do is to download an app. That`s it, you can watch Polish TV on an Android device.