Incredibly Affordable Micromax Canvas Xpress 4G Now Launched!

The new buzz word in the technological arena is definitely 4G speed and connectivity as users constantly desire faster speeds in a world that is refusing to slow down. Coming into the 4G foray is another entrant- the Micromax Canvass Xpress 4G which comes at a price which is easy on the pocket but boasts of a robust configuration. With a higher RAM and larger storage, this phone is quite the package for its price.

Check out the amazingly crisp details on the Micromax Canvas 4G:

Micromax Canvas Xpress 4G

Design and Feel

The phone has a brilliantly vibrant plastic back case with a chrome finish making it look extremely sleek and stylish. It has metallic strips on both sides giving it a premium feel. It comes with soft touch keys which are placed below the screen to provide access to Home, Tasks and Back options. The phone weighs a little heavy in the hand but provides an overall sturdy and good grip in the hand making it quite comfortable to use. You can get your hands on this affordable phone with flipkart coupons which looks just like any other premium phone in higher price brackets.


The phone has a crisp and stunning 5 inch IPS HD display with 16M color depth to bring to you a bright array of colors which are masterfully reproduced. It has a pixel density of 1280×720 for vivid viewing making it a stunning screen for playing movies and games as well as enjoying photography and videos with perfect detail. The only drawback to the screen is that it fades out under harsh light and does not offer the best viewing angles.

Internal Specification

The phone is a true winner when it comes to internal offerings with a hard wearing configuration for lightning fast processing and performance. The phone has a sturdy 1GHz Quad Core Processor with a 2GB RAM to take care of high performance without lags. It allows you seamless multitasking and a swift gaming experience that will keep you hooked. The phone offers 16GB internal memory which can be further boosted by 32GB to take care of your data requirements as well. Being 4G LTE enabled, the phone is equipped to reach download speeds of 150Mbps making it all the more delightful. This configuration is quite a good bargain considering the price on offer. As far as operating software is concerned, it’s updated and runs on the Android Lollipop 5.1 version for enhanced features. Buy this phone without hassle with ebay coupons to avail discounts and get a great price on this amazingly crafted phone.


The phone is equipped with an 8MP camera with Flash which helps you capture colourful shots with good contrast and visual color reproduction. However, the photos do have some noise which is evident when the picture is zoomed into. As for selfie lovers, the phone offers a 2MP front facing camera to take well balanced group shots and selfies which are perfect for your social media accounts.

Pre-Loaded Apps

What makes the Micromax Canvas Xpress all the more attractive is the fact that it is loaded with entertainment and productivity apps to help you squeeze the most out from the phone. It offers apps like Amazon Kindle, Chaatz, Clean Master, Hike Quikr and Scandid to name a few. These apps will surely provide you utility on the go.

Get your hands on this incredibly loaded phone which is easy on the pocket but has a great design construction as well as resilient internal features to give you your money’s worth for sure.

Tips To Protect Your Android Smartphone with the Help of LEO Privacy Guard

In today’s time phones have become smart and people lazy. They want to save everything that they may need in their smartphones. Be it bank account numbers, social media passwords, resume, books, personal photos and videos, everything is just one click away. It might look convenient to some, but at the same time it’s quite risky as well.

What if someone gets to use your smartphone with or without your consent? Don’t you think he wouldn’t look into your personal data if given a proper chance? He will, anyone will do if it’s something that you had kept hidden from everyone. In case you don’t want anything like that happen to you ever in the future, you need Leomaster and keep the following important tips in mind-

Leo Privacy Safeguard

Don’t Let Anyone Use Your Smartphone Behind Your Back

Keep your smartphone with you, always. If any of your sibling, friend, relative or colleague asks you to hand him over your phone, don’t say yes. It might look rude to some, but then you can afford to be called a rude person if that’s what costs to keep all the secrets behind the walls.

Don’t Put Extra Sensitive Data in Your Smartphone for Too Long

Smartphones come with huge storing space and excellent camera options, which make it easy for users to click pictures and store them so that they can cherish in the future. There is no harm in doing so. But make sure if you click any sensitive picture of yours with your loved ones that shouldn’t be accessed by others at any cost, don’t keep them in your smartphone for too long. Click, enjoy and delete without thinking much.

Download an App Locker and Be Free

If you don’t agree with the above two points, you can take the third option that is quite easy, hassle-free and smart. There are many app lockers available on the Android Play Store. Download the best app locker and protect your smartphone from being accessed by anyone without your consent. If you’re not sure about any good app locker, give a try to Leo Privacy Safeguard, which is considered as one of the best in the business.


It can lock your call logs, SMS logs, hide photos, videos and lock the entire gallery if need be. Isn’t it exciting? Yes, it is. So, if you don’t want to take any risk, download this wonderful app locker without any second thought.