Tips On How To Successfully Deploy SD-WAN

Nowadays, users and the data can no longer be kept within the building of the company. An effective infrastructure lets employees and administrators access the data remotely for faster and more efficient work. Top SD-WAN vendors provide a multitude of features that make this possible.

With more and more businesses moving their data to the cloud, relying on the transfer of files through flash drives and LAN sharing is no longer feasible. For many industries, how fast the files travel directly impact the results of sales, deal closures and other metrics. If you’re making the move to SD-WAN, here’s how you can do so seamlessly.

Figure Out Why You Need SD-WAN

Every business will differ in how they operate and that includes the handling of the backend. No two IT teams are the same in how they approach things. Many companies that made the move to SD-WAN had a general consensus of what the priorities are which may include:

* Reduced cost for connectivity and bandwidth

* Ability to reliably connect to the company’s cloud remotely

* Increased speed of upload and download of files

* Quality of service (QoS) management that allows prioritizing of important applications

* Increased security through encryption

Although upgrading is always a good thing, a business should know why it needs to upgrade their technology. When the features needed by the employees are made known, it’ll be easier to prepare everyone for the move.

Know How Everything Will Be Transitioned

The transfer of data is one of the most crucial things that a company has to go through when upgrading their infrastructure. Think back to the days when everything was on paper. It was incredibly vital for all the data to be encoded digitally with absolutely no loss. A business is only as good as the data it has gathered.

If a company has the ability to maintain both WAN and SD-WAN for a grace period, it’ll be easier for everyone involved to get accustomed to changes. Companies that have been in business for long may have tenured employees that have already developed a habit of transferring files to a specific location. If that location is suddenly removed, there may be issues.

A good way to combat issues that may arise from the transition is to coordinate with the vendor during the transition. If it’s possible for redirections of specific points to be made, make sure that it’s done. Thorough private testing by the vendors and the company should be done with dummy data.

Secure Everything In Sight

Top SD-WAN vendors will usually give the company’s IT team a full rundown of how the infrastructure works. It’s paramount that the ITs are fully trained on how to keep the network secure. The company’s IT team should already be knowledgeable when it comes to preventing hijack of traffic, bypassing of permission protocols, detecting downtime in real time and other security measures before SD-WAN deployment.

By ensuring that the connection of the company is safe, the focus can now be put into getting everyone used to the new technology being used.
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Top 5 Best Tablets For 2013

There are some great new tablets on the horizon for 2013 and we have been reviewing 5 of them! Tablets really are taking the world by storm with their small size and ease of use. People are now trading in their bulky laptops for a more convenient and easy to lug around device. If you are on the move a lot than one of these beauties could be of help to you. I prefer a tablet as I don’t have to worry about commuting with a heavy laptop bag. Battery power on this thing is also tremendous so you don’t have to worry about charging this up too often. Anyway, I’m getting carried away as I’m so excited about revealing these awesome gadgets to you. Here are five of the most sought after tablets on the market today.

Google Nexus 10

Google Nexus 10

This bad boy actually has near enough the same features as the Ipad 4 the only difference is that it is a lot cheaper. This tablet is in fact manufactured by the popular Samsung company which is known for its multifunctional array of cool gadgets. The Google Nexus is also extremely fast with its dual core 1.7 GHz processor and its 2GB of RAM.

Dell XPS 18

The Dell XPS 18 is a easy to use portable PC.This beauty has an 18 inch touch screen, although it may be 18 mm wide it is still quite light and easy to carry around. The cost of this tablet ranges from $849-$1100, although its not cheap it makes up for that with its great features. Supporting three USB ports and a wireless keyboard and mouse I think I know which tablet I’m going to be saving up for! The 8GB of memory will surely be sufficient enough to not only hold all your files and photos but also easily run Microsoft Office.

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist

Due to the amount of tablets being produced today its not wonder that you struggle to decide on whether a laptop or tablet is more ideal. Well, this handy device is something you need if you are one of those people that just can’t decide on which is best. This awesome device allows you to twist around the entire screen. Although this tablet isn’t easy to hold in your hands for a long period of time it is still pretty handy. The screen size is 12.5 inches and it weighs 1.6kg. This tablet also runs the all new Windows 8 which is an efficient and advanced technological system. The keyboard is comfortable to use and you can change and adapt the screen to whether you want to use it as a tablet or a laptop. You can grab one of these for a nice round sum of $799.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Sony has tried yet failed to create an Android tablet, however this is there all new design so does it live up to expectations? Well, the answer is yes! This tablet is extremely light weighing in at only 7mm and 495g so very easy to haul around with you. As wel all now Sony create magnificent looking gadgets, and this one is no exception. This is certainly one of the best looking tablets on the market today. These tablets will cost you around $399, so a pretty fair price if you ask me. This would certainly be an ideal fix for me as it is dust and water proof! Which will work in my favour as I can be quite clumsy. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z holds 16GB of internal memory and also allows you to have an extra 64GB of space.

iPad 4

The Ipad 4 is Apple’s most powerful tablet to date. This is the 4th generation of tablet and indeed Apple have succeeded in improving the hardware to increase speed and efficiency. The dual processor with quad-core graphics enables this beauty to work twice as fast as the other manufactured Ipad’s. You can purchase one of these from $399- $739 which is again in a fair price range. The only downfall with this tablet is that the quality of picture taking is really not that good!