How Blogging Impacts the Digital Marketing?


A report by WordPress reveals that approximately 409 million users view around 22.2 billion blogs per month.  This whooping figure shows the paramount importance of blogging in the domain of digital marketing. Blogging is used as a significant marketing tool to lure customer attraction and increase customer engagement on the website. Therefore, leading digital marketing services in the USA provide opportunities to companies regarding updated and relevant content. Companies that update their content on regular intervals found themselves higher in SERPs. Besides this, they maintain their position as an online authority. Further, customers look towards them before making a purchase decision.

A digital marketer uses multiple digital mediums to publish blogs as well as articles to create awareness among the potential customers. Besides this, blogging helps in luring customer attention and drive relevant traffic to the website. The main aim of blogging under the umbrella of digital marketing is to create awareness regarding a specific product among the potential customers. Added, target the new customers to increase the customer base, so that, companies have a broader audience to target, and convert them into successful lead generation. Moreover, it also helps businesses to expand. Let’s have a look at the different avenues of blogging and how it impacts digital marketing.

Building B2B Relationships

Giving a reference for other businesses help companies to establish a strong business to business (B2B) relationship. Let’s suppose that two firms are benefiting from each other by providing their services to each other, i.e., an online grocery store which sells its products to a restaurant business. In this way, they both are adding value to each other. Therefore, by utilizing digital marketing mediums, companies can blog post about their possible business growth, which they have achieved by co-coordinating with each other. In this way, they can build a B2B relationship and also take the customer into confidence. Further, it also establishes online business online reputation among the customers.

Attract New Business Prospects 

Leading SEO services in USA help companies to optimize their blog post. Companies that write a blog with proper keyword placement help companies rank higher in SERPs when customers search against those keywords. Therefore, if the online audience finds those keywords in the article or blog post, they are instantly attracted towards that written piece. This attraction leads the customers towards the click to read stage and increases customer engagement on the website. Companies also write an article to create backlinks, which drive web traffic towards the targeted page and adds value to company revenue stream.

Create a One-to-One Communication Channel between Consumers and Business

Blogging is an excellent way to facilitate customer support services as well as communicating with the potential customers. Companies use this platform to reach out to customers and address their queries. This way, customers’ trust can be built over the brand. Further, it projects the company’s image as it prioritizes customer over any other thing. Hence, it helps in improving the conversion rate for businesses.


In a nutshell, blogging is of paramount importance in digital marketing. It not only helps companies in creating awareness among the prospective customers but also establishes brand loyalty among the targeted customers. IPS USA is a digital marketing agency providing digital as well as web development services to it, valuable customers.


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