Video tips for the success of your video using your camcorder

Recently, one of the best things was taking vacations as a volunteer photographer from a local charity in which I live. This video will be a 30-minute documentary about children’s charity work. We went to groups of rehabilitation centers in different cities of Vietnam.

As a speaker, I always try to improve my ability to tell stories. However, as a video photographer, my turn is no longer visible, first identify the story and then capture it immediately on the video. I have already started using one of the video blogs for making the video for my site. Some video skills I already knew and practiced. But many incidents surprised me and helped me increase my experience.

Here was a script I traveled to hospitals with a team of 11 interpreters who offer full-day workshops for parents and children with a Cable policy. The rooms were compacted. The atmosphere was hot and humid. The children were tired and crying. Sometimes I had to go from room to place to pick up baby scenes from 9 months to 17 years of age. I wanted to control the emotions on the faces of mothers and their children. I wanted to create a profile for every health professional who was volunteered to work with these children.

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We leave the hotel before 7 a.m. and most of the day will not be back till 17:00. In addition to the desire to have dinner with my team at night, I usually did not work for less than two hours in my backup room, and I reviewed and listened all the days of the video I collected. But I was in my element because a lot was going on around me. I thought I had a story to pick and tell. Here are some tips that you have learned and want to share.

1) Do not assume that you will only insert cameras and capture video. You may also have to participate in the production, choreographers, and editors – everything before ending the video production. Apart from this, the editor will be able to capture the video according to your preference and save valuable time from additional editing.

2) Make sure you have enough power in the battery – to run the entire working day with the camera. Buy batteries as soon as possible. I was 1 second in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. We stayed 12 hours in a few days. Also, make sure you buy an external battery charger. Built-in camera charger is a bad wait. Do not trust him when you travel the road every day. Do not risk taking camera electronics while charging the battery. One fact is that I do not have a security camera. If broken, I will sit idle.

3) Take a travel bag that you can easily download and access during your daily video. 2. I kept my entire video equipment on the main bear. Do not inspect your sensitive video equipment while traveling, to extract your day, and it has a lot of pockets with a small bag which can be combined with a shoulder so that you can shoot it so you can do the shooting.

4) When you back up your video and recharge your batteries every night, increase the staggering rate for your hotel room. I got this tip from a fellow traveler, and I was saved a lot. There was only one route available in our accommodation hotels, which could easily be reached, although it was located in the room where all the laptops and videos were kept. If I did not have this long rope, then I would be on the terrible lines.

5) Back up your videos every night for external drives, if not two. Please make sure they have been correctly copied before deleting them from your camera. I have made two backup copies on the laptop’s drive and another external USB drive.

6) Putting a laptop with a video viewer so that you can review your videos to make sure you get the pictures you need are not paused or are not out of focus. On my laptop, the video clips are a mine of the day. To be fast enough to watch the video, that’s light, national or perhaps a very nervous movement. The mistakes made today for tomorrow’s movies can be cured.

7) Make sure the SD memory card has enough backups, sometimes it may be incorrect or may be lost due to its small size. Maybe you’ve got the right stuff and decided to spend more time shooting everything

8) Insert a trunk with your camera. If the camera slides from your hands, then you have another chance to save the camera.

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