My Cable Internet- Reliable Retailer of Charter in Your Area

The Internet has transformed every aspect of our lives. Doing business has become much more comfortable with the internet. Now modern companies can outsource their services to third-party firms and still be up to date on all the happenings even if they’re shores apart. These independent retailers then sell the products or services to customers. This process is beneficial for both parties. The company’s burden gets lowered, and this also promotes better service delivery to consumers because of the strict competition between the retailers. This trend has increased significantly in the US. Especially cable services provider have outsourced their operations for quality customer service.  Charter Spectrum is one of the cable service providers who have several authorized retailers in the country. Each retailer offers its promotions and packages. My Cable Internet is one top-notch retailer of Charter Spectrum with its operations in 41 states. It has earned and retained its reputation as the best customer provider for Spectrum services.

Let’s review the services offered by My Cable Internet in detail.

Customer Comes First

The primary difference between My Cable Internet and other retailers is the satisfaction level of customers. It prefers the customer satisfaction over any other business objective. If the user faces any technical fault in the service, it is fixed at the earliest. Moreover, it does not mislead its customers by with false statements and provides the customers exactly what it promised in the agreement with the customer.

Customized Triple Play Packages

My Cable Internet offers custom-designed Triple Play plans for all of its three services. The main difference between all of the packages is channel lineup.

Triple Play Select:  this plan offers 125+ Free HD channels from all categories such as sports, news, movies, music, fashion, education, science, adventure, food, and history.

Triple play Silver: this package gives 175+ Free HD channels including many premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime.

Triple Play Gold: This exclusive bundle offers 200+ Free HD channels with top premium channels including The Movie Channel, Starz, and Starz Encore.

Similar Features in all Packages

Besides the difference of channels, Charter Spectrum TV bundles offer the same quality of service with every bundle. It provides 100 Mbps internet speed. There are no data caps for all plans, so the customers can stream the internet without the fear of reaching their bandwidth limit. It also includes free of cost features such as Wi-Fi router for home and Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country. To protect the customers from online threats, it provides a free online security suite. For voice service, it offers unlimited free calling in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and many other federal territories and 28 unique voice features to assist the user while calling.

Consistent Quality Service

We’ve discussed many features exclusive to My Cable Internet, but another great feature remains. While announcing promotional offers on low prices, retailers decrease the quality level for those plans however My Cable Internet is different as it does not frustrate its customers by providing consistent quality for every package. For example, if a Triple Play Gold customer is enjoying high-speed uninterrupted internet service, then the user of Triple Play Select will also get the same quality. Moreover, it does not discriminate amongst users of smaller cities and metropolitan areas and maintains the quality for both customers.

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How Google Ads Certification Courses Kick-start PPC Marketing Careers

Eyeing a Google Ads Certification to get a job in Digital Marketing?

You’re not alone. The digital jobs market is booming, with more than 150,000 new digital job posts to be filled every year from now until 2020. The most desirable positions will be quickly snapped up by candidates who feature one of the top 3 Digital marketing Certificates on their resume. These are, of course, Google, HubSpot and Hootsuite – with Google Certificates being the clear frontrunner of the pack.

Securing a job within the digital Google Ads market is not as easy as it appears. This is partly because many digital marketers are looking for the same job. Moreover, it is much more difficult to succeed as a newcomer in the marketing industry, and clients will often prefer those applicants that are able to showcase their knowledge with an official certificate, such as the Google Ads certification – the gold standard of the industry.

Consequently, if you want to become a successful PPC Google Ads digital marketer, you must be able to stand out among the large crowd of competitors. Below are some important tips on how to accomplish this.

STEP 1: Enrol for Google Ads Certification courses

When it comes to selecting a marketer from a large pool of applicants, skills play a vital role, as employers will only pick digital marketers that are able to demonstrate their proficiency with a resume that goes beyond the norm – something that clearly distinguishes them from the crowd. Now, for a newcomer like you, it’s tough to get Google-certified quickly – this is because beginners often lack the experience required to pass any one of the six 2-hour long Google exams. Thankfully, there are solutions: Google offers study guides through its very own “Google Academy for Ads” – and educational institutions such as PPC University give you the option of taking Google Ads certification courses directly. The latter not only equip you with the necessary skills, but also help you become Google-certified more quickly, giving you a distinct edge over other digital marketers. Listing the successful completion of all six Google Ads Certifications on your resume is ideal for a digital marketing beginner.

Step 2: Pass your Google Ads certification exams with flying colors

Enrolling in Google Ads Certification courses is only one part of the process of becoming a successful Google Ads digital marketer. The most important step is to pass the Google Ads certification assessments and other tests offered by the Google Academy for Ads, since they reflect your skills and what should be expected of you. In order for you to be certified by Google as a Google Ads professional, you must pass the exams with a score of 80% and above, as well as finish within the given time limit. Though your grades aren’t listed on your official Google Ads certificate, PPC University allows you to showcase your best grades to future employers and PPC clients; this means you should plan carefully and hedge your bets, only taking exams when you are ready. PPC University certification course results can also be added to your LinkedIn profile, which means it is in your best interest to work hard to get straight A’s. This is much easier at PPC University, since you can retake your final exams as many times as you want – something that is not possible with the Google Academy for Ads.

Step 3: Target non-profit organizations

Even for beginners that have achieved their official Google Certs, getting your first job can be quite challenging, since you lack the work experience. Therefore, offering your services to non-profit organizations is often your best option – and here, Google offers once again a solution: Google offers Ad Grants of up to $10,000/month to registered charities. Basically, it is a free ad budget that you can help certain organizations obtain, with the purpose of taking care of their Google Ads campaigns yourself. During this period, you not only start making money, but you also put your skills into practice, which allows you to improve and become more competitive. This also helps to build your profile and network. When helping a non-profit organization succeed, it’s very likely that they will hire you again in the future, as well as refer you to other businesses.

Author Biography: Stephan Becker, Founder, PPC University.

A digital marketing professional since 2006, Stephan Becker is the CEO of the Canadian digital marketing agency My Internet Marketing. Frustrated with outdated and ineffective digital PPC marketing courses, he founded PPC University in 2016 to help digital marketing beginners and seasoned professionals alike improve their knowledge in PPC marketing, while getting Google-certified at the same time. Via his blog at PPC University, Stephan also provides insights on how to secure the best PPC marketing jobs, and provides tips on how to become your own boss. Find Stephan Becker on LinkedIn  and on the PPC University blog.