Online Learning Amid COVID Pandemic

The recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus has forced people to isolate themselves in a safe environment. Maintaining physical distance has become the utmost importance for every individual across the globe. However, this pandemic has triggered online learning to a large extent among the children and their parents.

Online learning has become a crucial mode of gaining knowledge, especially when the parents have to divert their kids to get into their textbooks. There are so many learning classes and materials available online that the parents can refer to their children. This not only makes the lives of parents easier, but also enhances the child’s learning capacity.

In recent times Lido learning has been grabbing the attention of many parents worldwide. This is the best platform where parents are able to pick up the activities for their children.

To make Lido learning equally interesting for the children, the parents must follow some of the golden rules given below.

  • Set time to attend online classes: As parents have also started working from home, they are unable to define between working hours and time to be spent for children. But giving time to children, so that they are able to continue with their learning process, is equally important. To make things smooth, it is very important to schedule all the official meetings and household chores in such a way that you are able to attend online classes.
  • Limit your distractions: Since everything in this world has become confined to a closed room, it is important for the parents to limit themselves from any kind of distractions unless it is an emergency. You may avoid picking phone calls by keeping it on silent mode or set it to automatically revert the moment you reject anyone’s call. Also, keep the necessary items, such as a bottle of water, a pen, a notebook, etc. Near you so that you don’t need to get up while the classes are going on.
  • Be attentive: Just like the children are required to be attentive when they are physically present in the classroom, the parents too should pay attention during the virtual learning sessions. This will help you to teach your children that you might have learned from the online classes.
  • Keep it interactive: Any online session becomes interesting when you start interacting with the trainers. At the end of every online learning class, the session is opened for the parents to ask or share their ideas. Such interactive sessions also help to get clarity on the topics that have been taught.


Every parent loves to spend time with their children. But due to work pressure, they are unable to give children their time. It is high time that the parents start realizing the importance of online learning classes. This will not only benefit their kid’s growth but also allow the parents to connect with their children in a more fun and interactive way. So without wasting any further time, join an online learning class today!

Sales of Old Samsung Galaxy

Everyone considers upgrading their devices, and it is never too late to sell or trade any of your old cell phones. For example, if you have got any mobile and you want to sale it, it can be simply done by sending it to the recycler. In order to make sales, there are few elements which are needed to consider. 

First of all, it is needed to find out which company cell phones you want to sale. Besides that, another confirmation which is required to be made is the platform where the phone should be sold. Method for making sales of the phones. There are certainly other factors, such as best price guarantee determination and phone value determination.

If you are tempted to sale an old Samsung Galaxy phone and buy any other phone, in that case, there are many options to make sales of Samsung Galaxy smartphone, but the proper planning will be required for this as to secure the best price. In order to sell the Samsung galaxy sets S4, S5, S6, S7 or any set in this range, the more satisfaction will only be received when more cash is likely to be received.

Phone Sanitization

First of all, it is needed to properly sanitize your cell phone as it is recommended to keep the phone in good sanitation practices on a regular basis whether you are considering to sale your phone or not. In the latter case, the practices of sanitation must be enhanced because when the phone is provided with good and thorough cleaning, viruses are likely to attack less. Moreover, the germs and viruses most often become much trickier and buggers to eliminate; thus, impacting the performance of the phone in an abrupt manner.

Therefore, it is highly suggested that cleaning and disinfecting phone before making its shipment can really provide numerous opportunities for a handsome amount. In this regard, several cleaning kits are available in markets with soapy water and screen wipes.

Removal of SD Cards and SIM

The next step is mainly to take the sim card and SD cards out of your phone as there should be no personal data while making the shipment of phones. It is because the SIM card is something which enables any individual to take phone calls associated with the data plan. It is imperious to note that not every cell phone has an SD card; instead, some of them have. Therefore, it should be checked that if your Samsung has an insertion of SD card then, to remove it as to secure the photos and videos which are often stored in the device.

Data Backup

Backup data is directly associated with the Google account, calendar, contacts and email which is required to be backed up through the cloud. It simply means that if you do not go through the cloud, then many of the device managers have desktop software with them for backing up all of your data. Thus, the passwords and other important content on the phone should be centralized by using a password manager.

Factory Resetting

Once, the decision for selling your Samsung Galaxy phone, and you are sure enough about the safety, the next step will be turning off the factory resetting protection which is an extra security feature in Samsung phones as the mobile set may not be stolen. It is imperious to note that FRP can be done by simply removing the google accounts from phones or tablets, and thus, a list of accounts will be shown on the device to remove.

Gather Accessories

When the phone is cleanly wiped then the next step is the collection of miscellaneous odds. If you are still having the box of your Samsung Galaxy phone, guarantee card, receipt collect them all with the original USB Cable, headphones wall chargers etc. Now, after the complete accessories, the next step is finding a platform where to sell the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

Why Selling your Samsung old device?

Well, most of us don’t know why unwanted technology is needed to be properly utilized as these products can eventually be recycled whether Samsung Galaxy Phones are included, or tablets are there. Even, if the gadget is broken, still then payment is made by recyclers. Most of these Samsung Galaxy products according to their unique value, are disposed of in a much environment-friendly way.

Sell My Samsung Galaxy Phone

  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 32 GB
  2. Samsung Galaxy S5 32 GB
  3. Samsung Galaxy S6 32 GB
  4. Samsung Galaxy S7 32 GB
  5. Samsung Galaxy S8 64 GB
  6. Samsung Galaxy S9 64 GB
  7. Samsung Galaxy S10 64 GB

Sell the Device

There are several platforms which provide outstanding services in this regard as when the phone is properly wiped out, this step is about figuring out where it must be sold, and definitely, it is the venue of your choice that how much return will be more likely to be received this way.


It is one of the platforms where you can sale your Samsung Galaxy Devices or Phones as it makes purchases of back phones to Amazon or some other carriers. Instead of being a marketplace for both buyers and sellers, it provides mediator services. It is one of the easiest and trustworthy platforms to buy these products through the systematic implications of person to company transaction. The only disadvantage of this site is that it may not be the high price as usually cash can be earned in person to person sales.

Carrier Trade-In

Well, finding a buyer for your phone can be really a difficult thing, but there are some of the imperative carriers that will provide with a handsome amount of credit for the old phone and resurgence in several guaranteed upgrading plans will require to hand the phone before you are going to make purchases for a new one. Some of the important services which are provided by Carrier Trade-In in the selling domains of Samsung Galaxy Phone are as follows:

  1. AT & T Trade-In
  2. Sprint Trade-In
  3. Verizon Trade-In
  4. T-Mobile Trade-In

Amazon Trade-In

One of the most trustable and less expensive platforms with almost free services is Amazon trade In. This platform is applicable for just every type of tablet, phones, and electronic products as the company will make payment for shipping on the device out to them and then; usually, the customers here are paid with Amazon gift card rather than cash.

It must be noted that it is not an awful thing because next phone from any of the brands can also be found out on Amazon. Following are some of the carriers in markets which deal with new and old handsets.

Other Handset Brands in the Market

  1. Apple
  2. Huawei
  3. MI Phones
  4. Google
  5. Infinix
  6. Lenovo

If you are not considering to buy another phone, instead you just wanted to make sales of your old Samsung Galaxy phone, and need hard and cold cash in return to that, then the Amazon In platform is not a proper route for selling your device. This is one of the disadvantages of Amazon trade In.


Another massively popular platform for selling all of your stuff with the most suitable amount is eBay as a rating system vets the seller there are several sources through which payment can be made. The only thing with eBay is are the additional fee charges and hassle of shipping because a wider influence will be present here on this platform. There are several significant points which are needed to be considered before jumping to the eBay.

  1. Only PayPal address can be used for shipment to the confirmed addressed, and this is the method by which customers and sellers are getting paid. This method is used because it is secured by PayPal protection of sellers.
  2. The competitive prices are easy to check by checking the other sales of the same product. It is also providing an estimation of the sales items and see how much they have made sales for.
  3. Honesty is the most crucial policy about the condition of your Samsung Galaxy device and shipping of an item in a condition which was not described earlier can earn you a poor review, and it can automatically lead to them getting back of money by the buyers

Tips to take Away while Selling your Samsung Galaxy Device

In order to sum up, there are few of the additional tips which are suggested to be used while selling any of the Samsung Device

  1. First of all, there is the requirement to make sales soon because as sooner you will sell, the more you will get, and whenever a new model is announced, people are more likely rushed towards the sales of old phones as in this way, the technique is to raise cash for a new phone. Therefore, it must try to sell your phone soon
  2. Shopping around all the available options is the homework of the seller, and it must be done on time.