Valuemags Digital Replica Edition Program


Valuemags has created a program of which their subscribers can have access to the last issues of their favorite magazines as soon as they become available. Even the people who are subscribed to very specialized magazines like Batavia boater and Barrington brides-to-be will be able to read their issues the day they come out.

Valuemags is a Chicago based agency who launched a complete digital edition reader program. As the founder of the company, Andrew Degenholtz, puts it, it will increase user experience. He has completed his Master’s degree in the field of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University in Evanston. The major downside of having it available in this format is that it can be easily shared with people who are not subscribed to the magazine. Valuemags have thought of this problem and have a secured click-based authentication in order to keep the content from people who are not subscribers. In addition, there is no need to create an account and login to be able to use the program.

Another great use for the program, which is available to customers, is the fact that they can create their own private labeled digital collection. It will only be available on publisher’s websites since the program supports a full set of APIs. This way, publishers can collect data on their product. If open rates aren’t as impressive, they can modify it and track the difference. The Valuemags Digital Replica Edition Program is what it is called and it even supports third party e-commerce transactions, sponsors paid subscriptions as well as offers additional editorial products such as premium items.

Now that this program can track the analytics on the different magazines people will be using, it can help to maximize unique opens per digital issue. Unique opens means people who have never visited a given page before. The way it is done is through the use of providing a comprehensive replica edition that can be viewed on any device. It is great because Adobe Flash is not a requirement to be able to use it on mobile.

Since it is very convenient to use and readers can use it pretty much anywhere, you can sync up to five different devices without having to login. Because of this, the program was able to exponentially increase user engagement.

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