Top Upcoming Smart Phones 2017-So, What’s Your Best Smartphone Plan?


The smartphones these days are becoming more and more powerful. Many new phones are coming in 2015. Do you have a best smartphone plan in place? We’re going to have a close look at best new phones that you must see before you go ahead and upgrade, including best new iPhones, new Android phons, Widnows phones, Sony phones, Samsung phones, LG phones and more.

Samsung Galaxy S8

This smartphone will be available in March/April 2017.

Usually Samsung comes out with a best smartphone plan every year, so you get new range each year. In 2017 you can expect Samsung Galaxy S8. So what all you can expect from its next flagship? There are rumors that besides usual feature boost, you will see iPhone styel home button, a screen resolution boost that will same most TV sets, a rear fingerprint sensor and more. Currently the 4K on smartphone screens is an overkill, but will give it a further boost with higher resolution.

HTC 11

The HTC 11 release date is around April 2017. It’s a really smart handset that will put this Taiwanese company back on the smartphone map. Little is know about the features of HTC 11 or their best smartphone plan but it seems likely that they will follow-up with newer phone and improvement on their already brilliant HTC 10.


The LG G6 will be released in April 2017. We’ve seen many interesting handsets from LG in 2016. Genuine smartphones that lets you add in modules to boost performance. The same was visible with LG and MotoZ later in the year.

Whether this modular approach will be visible in LG G6 is yet to be seem, but they’d surely offer something close to iPhone 7. We’re still months away from LG G6, so watch online for some interesting innovation about best smartphone plan they’ve to offer.

OnePlus 4 – June 2017 or later

You will be able to see OnePlus 4 in June 2017 or later. If you’re just paying attention to one phone over the course in coming year, it makes sense to make it OnePlus. It would be cheap but super-spec smartphone that might shake the entire industry. This trend was witnessed this year and would continue next year. So keep a close watch on this Chinese manufacture this year. Although their exact move won’t be visible till next June.

iPhone 7s

Well, king of smartphones is rumored to be up for sale in Sept 2017. Apple goes in two –year cycles, so iPhone 8 would be available only in 2018. Early rumors suggest that it will be available in the form of OLED display. There are also rumors that it will feature wireless charging, but this is being whispered for years, we’d like to take it with a pinch of salt.

Recently Launched best Smartphones:

OnePlus 3

It’s one of the smartest phones on the market. Its price is also affordable. OnePlus has carved out a niche for itself in the market with OnePlus X and OnePlus 2. It’s outdone itself with OnePlus 3. This phone offers same amount of power and speed as its flagship rivals but at almost half the price when you’re buying SIM free.

It comes with Snapdragon 820 and 6GB RAM, and is fastest smartphone on the market. Its 5.5” display has less resolution than its rivals, but still look awesome, even if it’s a tad oversaturated. Combine it with 64GB storage, NFC support and superfast fingerprint sensor, and OnePlus 3 is surely a bargain of the year.

Google Pixel

After years of tie-up with Huawei and LG, Google has now developed its own production house, and is offering its expensive but brilliant Google Pixel. It’s equipped with smart camera that was available in Nexus killer, including a 2.15 Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 821 processor, just 4GB RAM, 32 or 128 GB storage.

Moto G4 2016

The new Moto G4 is one of the best phones that offers you mid-range specs at a budget price. It’s bigger and faster than previous Moto Gs, and has 5.5” screen, 13-mp dragon 617 Chip which puts it ahead of anything else available in this price range.

Sony Xperia X

Sony Xperia Z6 is blazingly fast, but its relatively expensive. Its specifications are average for its price. It’s camera won’t impress you that much.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung offers the best smartphone plan this year. Its waterproof at 1.5 m for about 30 minutes and you won’t have to put rubber caps to block its ports. Its memory can be expanded up to 200GB.

Hope this clears the air on new arrivals as this will help you prepare your best smartphone plan in time!

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