Understand Why Front Door Washing Machine Gained Popularity


Many buyers often remain in dilemma about deciding between top and front loading type of washing machine. Traditionally, washing machines was designed and marketed in top loading style. Therefore both semi as well as fully automatic washing machines were in top loading type.

Front loading washing machines appeared in the market during 2000, and have gained sufficient footage in the market, as it offered few advantages over the top loading washing machine. However front loading washers are relatively costlier and because of this reason certain people still prefers to buy top loading washing machines. Most of the modern automatic machines coming in the market are front loading type.

Why front loading washing machines gained ground?

All well-known manufacturers including Samsung and Whirlpool are marketing both top and front loading type of machine. Following are few plus points of front loading washing machines.

  • They clean much better

It has been observed that front loading washers are more effective in removing soil from the fabric as compared to any top loading washing machines. If you read consumer reviews in different forums then you will find that people are much more satisfied with washing results of front loading machines.

The reason for better cleaning of this type of machine is due to its more effective motion, thermal movements, mechanical stroke and chemical activities of detergents in front load units. In this machine gravitation force also works so that the clothes get much more agitation as compared to top load washers.

  • They save water too

Water consumption of any front loading washing machine is much less as compared to top load. That is due to vertical rotation of drum, the clothes are dragged through shallow pool of water and detergent solution. On the other hand top loading washers need deep pool of water to get clothes wet during washing. As per the data available, any top loading washer will use at least 15 per cent more water than any front loading washers.

  • More energy efficient

Amount of energy consumed depends upon how often you wash and whether you use warm water or hot water cycles etc. However under similar conditions it was found that your energy bill will be far less for front loading washing machines.

  • Can stack over them

You can stack any other appliance on the top of front loading washers, which is not possible with top loading machines. You can easily hide them into a cabinet and save floor space.

Having said that there are few drawbacks with front loading machines due to which top loading washers are still preferred.

  • For loading you need to bend

For loading the clothes in front loading washing machines you have to bend a lot. Therefore people who have back pain problem or those who are little aged feel a little inconvenience, while loading.

  • Difficult to add clothes during mid-cycle

You cannot open the door unless your washing cycle is completed while in top loading washers there is no such issue.

  • Chances of mould /mildew growth

Usually the humidity remains present inside front loading machines that may promote formation of mould or mildew.

Looking at above you can decide, which type of washer is right for you.

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