Samsung Vs Vu Smart TVs


Which TV should I buy? Should I buy a regular TV or a smart TV? Which one is better? Is a curve TV really worth all the hype? Samsung or Sony or LG or Vu ? Too many questions? Don’t worry; here are all the answers you need.

The first thing that will help you decide what you want is your budget and your requirement. Is smart TV a requirement or a luxury for you? Let’s compare a Samsung and Vu Smart TV. The models here are Samsung UA43J5570AU – ₹ 55,527 and Vu 43S3565 – ₹ 38,990. Let’s look into the specifications to see if Samsung is really worth almost the extra 15K.

Samsung UA43J5570AU vs Vu 43S6535


Both the models are 43-inch LED TVs with aspect ratio 16:9 but, the Samsung has a full HD resolution, 1920×1080 pixels while Vu has a resolution of 4K, 3840×2160 pixels. Even though full HD has a brilliant quality, it cannot beat 4K which has 3840×2160 pixels. The display is amazing.

General Specs:

As we know both are Smart TVs, with dimensions – 962.9 x 561.3 x 66.9 mm (Samsung) and 968.4 x 564.4 x 82.7 mm (Vu).

Weight – The Samsung model weighs 7.8 kg and the Vu model weighs 8.4 kg. Not much difference but, when you add the stand to them they weigh almost the same (8.8 kg for Samsung and 8.9 Kg for Vu)

Other Specifications:

Samsung has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports while Vu has 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB.

Smart Features:

Wi-Fi and Internet are present in both. You can play games and browse the web on both but, the additional apps that can be used in Vu are Facebook, Skype, Gesture Control.

Connect Share, Display Mirroring, DLNA, Hotel Mode, SmartShare, Smart View, Screen Casting, USB HID Support are the other smart features provided by Samsung, and Display Mirroring, DLNA, DLNA DMP, Free Share (DLNA), MHL, My Remote Apps, Screen Casting, SmartShare, Smart View are provided by Vu.

Other Features:

Both have a Voltage consumption of 100 – 240V

The Samsung TV consumes power of about 119W and the Vu TV power consumption is 85W. Clearly, the latter is the better choice in terms of power consumption and power saving.

Both have power saving mode available in them.

Other display features include: Digital Clean View, Hyper Real Engine, Eco Sensor, Ultra Clear Panel, Wide Colour Enhancer Plus in Samsung and 4X Graphics Engine, Eco Sensor, Ultra Clear Panel.

Warranty: 1 year for both.

You can see that even with a huge price gap, both the TVs provide almost same benefits. In fact, the Vu model has better features, except the sound system which isn’t as competent. I would suggest the Vu TV and you can check out other models by Vu.

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