Start an online business with minimum Investment – tips for a beginner


You can start your business with minimum investment and then live your future. In this article, we look at the question of whether you can start with little chapters online, what matters in the business idea, and how to keep costs low.

It used to be normal that you had a lot of equity to start. Or you took a loan to open a shop, a restaurant or an office but the Internet has changed a lot and so now it is now possible with very little money to start an own online business. Nevertheless, many people still believe that a lot of money has to be invested in a company. But is it really like that?

Business ideas without starting capital

How to start with little money? He focuses on the business idea. This should be very well chosen in order to be successful without great financial resources. Read more here.

One way to do this is the so-called Lean Startup method which has already been described in an article. The main focus is on business ideas that are simple, clear and fast to implement. In addition, these must be tested very early in order to invest as little work and money into things that do not work.

In the online business, there are at first glance industries which are suitable for the foundation with a small investment. Own websites, virtual products, digital services and similar areas do not necessarily require the use of larger amounts of money. In the case of physical products, this is, of course, different; online shops are usually not suitable to be implemented with little capital.

For a website, you need the following things:

– Hosting/Domain

To put a website on the web you have to use the services of a host. The domain does not have to cost you more. At least one domain is included in many hosting packages. If you want to start with as little money as possible, buying an existing domain is, of course, not an option.

– Content Management System

Today, in most cases, it makes sense to set up a content management system (CMS). WordPress is very common here but other CMS are also available. Alternatively, however, one can also be used on homepage building kits or e.g. To This would eliminate the separate hosting costs.

– Design

Converting an individual design by a web designer does not cost a lot of money. Alternatively, you can use free or very cheap design templates which are available in almost all content management systems in large numbers. If you have certain skills in this area, you can of course also create the layout itself or at least adjust. So I have constantly developed the layout of self-employed in the net itself.

– Content

It is, of course, also important for the content of the business model to be followed. It is completely different, whether an information page for a service created or a full-time blog operates. You should usually create the content yourself since otherwise; it can quickly get into the money. Read more here.

– Marketing

Further marketing measures to increase the range are no longer a question of money nowadays. The various social networks offer a lot of potentials here

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