CRM Training To Become An Indispensable Employee


CRM software cannot only improve businesses but promote career progression as well. With unique, instructor-led CRM Training courses on the base of an updated bpm’online academy, a sophisticated online educational program, you will give yourself a competitive advantage and discover new horizons of professional opportunities.

The education includes practical sessions on bpm’online business software and a certification program. After passing a test, the successful participants will receive a qualification certificate proving their expertise, knowledge, and technical skills in bpm’online products.

At the CRM Training lessons, the participants will learn about the whole CRM products line, find out about the key techniques of deploying a CRM system within organizations, and learn how to:

  • Design and implement configurable bpm’online solutions tailored to the specific needs of different industries;
  • Build customer-spesific workflows and data-driven business processes;
  • Model business architecture;
  • Create data models, UIs (user interfaces), and business rules;
  • Manage, configure, and extend the bpm’online capabilities;
  • Integrate the bpm’online software with third-party applications;
  • Leverage a CRM software to automate marketing, sales, and service processes.

The latest 7.8 version of bpm’online academy delivers CRM training sessions in the online mode, which is considered the most effective and seamless way of acquiring knowledge and practice needed for smooth deployment of the CRM technology, allowing the students to get trained at their own pace.

CRM training courses

The bpm’online educational program offers several CRM training courses:

Full CRM bundle functionality training for end users

The program is designed for new users of CRM software. Within a framework of this course, the participants will:

  • Get acquainted with the bpm’online products, all the related terminology and the system interface;
  • Learn to manage: leads, customer database, landing pages, bulk emails, events, marketing campaigns, product catalogs, sales and field sales, orders and invoices, contracts and documents, projects, cases;
  • Get an insight into social collaboration and daily task management;
  • Gain knowledge in setting the self-service portal.

CRM Training

Bpm’online system customization and administration

The training is aimed for participants familiar with the bpm’online products. After completing this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Customize the CRM software in accordance with the business needs and requirements;
  • License users and determine their functional roles;
  • Create new business processes, as well as add new fields to them;
  • Import accounts, contacts, and lookups;
  • Discover a business architecture;
  • Integrate CRM software with other corporate apps.

CRM Training

Development on the bpm’online platform

This course will be useful for advanced users of bpm’online products. The training teaches people to:

  • Create users, roles and set up access rights;
  • Work with the section wizard;
  • Create client schemes with the help of the schema designer;
  • Execute standard configuration tasks;
  • Create and call user configuration web service;
  • Debug a server code;
  • Start business processes from external applications.

CRM certification

Bpm’online certification provides its participants with capabilities to:

  • Configure, customize, and administrate bpm’online products;
  • Develop on the bpm’online platform.

To get a CRM certificate, a participant needs to pass an instructor-led online exam. The test includes answers to the questions regarding features, capabilities, and practical cases of bpm’online products. If users pass the CRM exam successfully, they receive a certificate of a Basic or an Advanced level.  Prior to the examination itself, the participants can complete free interactive CRM quizzes to check whether they are ready to start an online exam.

The examination for Certification for bpm’online system configuration, customization and administration is two-hours long.

The examination for Certification for development on the bpm’online platform is 1.5 long.

Both exams are held every Friday in an online mode. A participant needs to register for certification at a preferred date and time.  Find out more information about bpm’online CRM certification here.

Why CRM Training?

Any business owner or decision-maker wants to have smooth relationships with their customers and partners because they both are the lifeblood of their business growth and prosperity. CRM training gives in-depth critical knowledge to business executives, empowering them to leverage data gathered from the previous interactions with the customers.

Online CRM Training Courses open the world of CRM products and provide participants with a deep insight into the process of building fruitful relationships with customers using an advanced CRM suite. They also teach how to automate and synchronize these relationships through email and other communication channels. At CRM lessons, the tutors teach the participants how to maximize profits, produce better sales funnel, and secure business processes with a help of a full-featured CRM package.

Completing CRM training and passing a CRM certification give significant benefits to every professional:

  • A CRM training certificate provides proof of acquisition of essential experience and knowledge of a bpm’online solutions and products user;
  • CRM certification helps specialists stay in-demand in the constantly changing marketplace;
  • Becoming certified, sets you apart from other employees and demonstrates your ability to take on greater business challenges;
  • Employers like those who self-develop continuously. By passing the CRM certification, users show they want and have an ability to acquire new skills;
  • Certified employees get paid more because they prove to be high achievers;
  • CRM training courses open more career and business opportunities.

The advantages of getting a CRM certificate do not stop here. By signing up for the online CRM training courses, business owners, executives, and decision-makers can learn how to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, improve a brand image, streamline business practices, increase profits, and decrease corporate resources allocations – all of this is possible with smart bpm’online products.

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