Noting down notes on your smart phones was never this easy


Whether being a student or working a full time 9-5 job, we find ourselves in need of writing down notes and other important stuff. We wake up in the morning trying to remember what today’s top tasks to fulfill were and more.

Students nowadays keep up with the latest technologies and majority of them are thinking of getting rid of hardcopy notebooks and use the softcopy instead. Meaning, notebooks are a thing of past and an app that lets you write notes on your phone (android) is the new trend. But then again the question arises whether you are writing down confidential docs or see through docs which do not require any security.

Notes Lock review:

In case however you feel that the words you save in notes aren’t safe, try getting an application that would restrict anyone from viewingwhat’s in it. To help our readers, we made a review of an app known as ‘Notes Lock’ which tells us visibly what it exactly does.

Notes Lock App Features:

Create notes:

You can create notes and add voice recordings, photos and more. It also provides a calendar view to review and check secret notes where you can add colorful themes to your private notes.

To-do lists:

Keep up with your daily schedule by maintaining to-do list containing all of your tasks that you need to fulfill following a strict deadline. Set reminders for tasks to never miss an occasion or a deadline. Above all, this app notifies you even when it is closed.



You can sort by date of modification; date of creation, or even in the alphabetical order. You can view notes in detail, grid or list.


Top quality audio recordings which can be built into your written private notes. Hence, you can record and write notes at the same time.

Cloud share:


Add and drag your photos where photos can be attached to your saved secret note. Create collages within the app and have the best memorable experience.
Security options:

This app lets you choose between three different locking options such as setting a password, a Pin, or a pattern to lock unlocks all that is dear to you.

Panic switch:

in case if you find yourself around people who you do not trust and you do not want them to know what you’ve been up to, try the panic switch feature where you flick, shake or place the palm of your hand on the screen to hide your activity.

Decoy mode:

When around people who you do not trust, you might just have pretended that you trust them and accessing your app is the only option. In this case, you stand in the stage of dilemma and hence this app helps you resolve this problem by using a decoy mode option. This feature lets you open your app but it does not contain your data. Hence, your activities stay hidden and the people around you do not get offended.

Notes lock for Android:

Notes Lock for iOS:


Notes lock so far seemed to be an adequate app for android that didn’t had much to question. For users who consider privacy a topmost priority, try giving this app a shot.

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