A Brief Guide To Sell Your Old Samsung Phone


Samsung is one of the leading Smartphone manufacturers today and holds a huge chunk (21%) market share in the mobile market segment. Samsung designs create and sell a range of devices that are perfect for both high-end as well as the middle-class customers. Samsung phones boast of reliability, premium finish, class leading features, and longevity as well. When you pursue the thought sell my Samsung phone, the phones are sold easily and instantly.

Whether you’re a Samsung Galaxy series phone user or use a Samsung phone of any other series and number, Samsung devices have an exceptional resale value. If you want to sell your old Samsung phone and wish to upgrade to a new one, it’s easy today with the help of internet. The presence of online websites and businesses that deal specifically with the sale and resale of new and old mobile phones make it highly convenient for everyone to upgrade to the latest Samsung phone. Here is a brief guide that will detail you the step-by-step procedure of selling your old Samsung phone.

Step-By-Step Guide to selling  your old phone

  • Search the internet and find out a good and credible website that deals in the resale and sale of old phones.
  • Follow the instructions on the website and reach the “sell your phone page”.
  • You would be required to enter details about your phone. These include the model number, IMEI number, and other kinds of specifications.
  •  You will also be required to detail the condition of your phone. You will have to give details about the condition of the camera, display panel, and other features of the phone.
  • Some online websites may also test your phone through an app. if required you will have to download the application from the Google Play Store.
  • The application will run automatically on your phone and will find out the state of its camera, display and other specs and features.
  • Once the details have been entered and the checks have been completed, the website will quote a price for your old phone.
  • If you find the phone price suitable, you can further pursue the phone resale process at the website.
  • The website will give you with an address where you will be required to ship the phone. Ensure that the phone is packed suitably so that it does not get spoiled during the transit.

Once the phone arrives at the website’s office, the company will make the payment to you directly.

  • The company may pay you through PayPal, or may directly credit the money to your bank account. Some websites may also prefer to send a bank cheque to your address.

This sophisticated ready “sell my Samsung phone guide has all the steps associated with the resale of an old Samsung phone. Remember to clean the phone thoroughly by using a suitable solution, before you actually embark on the process of phone selling. The phone-cleaning solution will clean the display, camera, the back panel, and other parts of the phone, and make it seem like new. Remember not to use the phone any further once you clean it.

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