The Ins and Outs of Smart Phone Insurance


We are living in an interesting time. The future is here, as we have sophisticated computers in the form of mobile phones available to use anywhere at any time. These phones are habitually an integral part of a person’s daily life, and breaking or losing it would be catastrophic. Not only would you lose your expensive phone, but also all the information stored on it. Since most people are attached to their mobile phones, you wouldn’t want to wait until you could afford a replacement. In some cases, like if you use your mobile phone to conduct your business, you simply couldn’t wait even a day or two if yours is broken or stolen. You’d need a replacement as soon as humanly possible, and having phone insurance will be able to get you back up and running quickly and relatively stress-free.

There are some things to keep in mind when considering mobile phone insurance, though, as it is not appropriate for everyone. Here is what you need to know to determine if phone insurance is a good option for you.

Consider This

There are a variety of scenarios where purchasing phone insurance by Gadget Cover or any other online mobile and gadget insurance website will be beneficial to you. The first of these scenarios is your own personal mobile phone track record. You know yourself best of all. If you have had your new, incredibly expensive Samsung Galaxy S7 fall in the toilet, or thrown it out of the window or at somebody in heated moments of frustration, then phone insurance will most likely benefit you.

mobile phone insurance

The next consideration is if you have kids who will inevitably put their costly mobile phones in danger on a weekly, if not daily basis. Insuring their phones will save you money in replacement costs if your child’s phone is lost or destroyed.

Consider This As Well

Mobile phone insurance is really never a bad thing to have. It is always better to know that you are covered, and it’s simply better to be safe than sorry. With that in mind, not everybody can afford the cost of phone insurance, and it may not be necessary. For example, your phone may already be covered under your car or homeowners’ insurance. A lot of these policies have coverage for personal articles such as laptops, mobile phones, and a multitude of other expensive gadgets. Also, check the warranty information on your phone as it may be covered for up to two years, making buying insurance not an immediate concern.

Can’t Hurt

The choice to buy phone insurance is without a doubt a great option to consider. It may not be for everybody, so it is important to evaluate the pros and cons. Millions upon millions of mobile phones are lost or broken every year and often the owner either has to pay for a new one out of pocket, or haggle with the phone company to get a replacement. Having insurance will guarantee that your missing or broken phone will be replaced immediately and with no cost.

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