How to Convert Videos For Different Devices


How many devices do you own and use to watch videos? In most cases that number is fairly large, encompassing your TV and DVD player, computer, tablet, and perhaps even smartphone. While it can be convenient to watch videos on different devices at different times, the one problem that you’re going to run into is the fact that not all video formats are going to be compatible on all of your devices.

To make sure your videos are compatible on the devices that you intend to use them on – you need to be able to convert them. For that, you’ll require the use of a video converter such as Movavi Video Converter.

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Simple and Straightforward Video Conversion

The main advantage of using Movavi Video Converter to convert your videos for different devices is the fact that it will make it an easy task. Everything about the software is designed to simplify the process of converting videos and so all you need to do is add the video that you want to convert, pick a format, and click a single button.

Under normal circumstances, you’d first have to try to find out which formats are compatible with your devices – but Movavi Video Converter can help on that front as well. It comes fully equipped with hundreds of presets that are designed for different devices and platforms so you can just choose one and let it handle the details automatically.

In short, you will not only be able to ensure that your videos are compatible on various devices – but also optimize them as well. If you’d like to conserve space, you shrink the file size of your videos further by compressing them to a specific size or adjusting the video settings such as the resolution, frame rate and bit rate.

Additional Features to Tweak Videos

While its primary focus is centered on converting videos, Movavi Video Converter also includes numerous other features that will let you tweak and improve your videos. In fact its features even extend beyond that, and will let you:

  • Convert image and audio files between various formats.
  • Trim out any unwanted footage from your videos and merge clips together in any order necessary.
  • Improve the video quality manually or automatically with a single click.
  • Crop or rotate the video frame and orientation.
  • Place text within the video to create subtitles or captions, and customize its appearance.
  • Create animated GIFs out of short video clips.
  • Grab screenshots directly from individual video frames.
  • Extract any part of the audio track from your videos.

At first you may be at a loss when confronted with so many options, but as you start to use them you’ll soon see they are just as easy to use as it was to convert videos. Effectively Movavi Video Converter can help as an excellent utility software to convert and edit media files as necessary – while also bringing other interesting options to the table that may prove handy at some point or other.

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