Hiring a Call Answering Service – A Complete Guide


A large majority of small businesses across the United Kingdom now prefer hiring message answering services. Attending to customer complaints and answering queries in a timely fashion is tremendously important in the modern business world. Customers expect business owners to be friendly and welcoming. If you are running an online business and ship products to customers all over the globe, it is even more important for you to have a responsive customer support department.

However, it is not easy for small business owners to set up their own customer support departments. Most of the working capital is tied up in production, which makes it very difficult for business owners to find the money to spend on customer support options. Apart from buying the essential equipment that is needed in the department, such as telephone answering machines, you will also need to hire more people to work round-the-clock. This puts significant pressure on small business owners that have limited profit margins. Rather than spend all of this money, why not outsource your call answering and message handling to a professional company such as Message Direct?

These companies can take all of your calls and record any incoming messages for a nominal fee on a monthly or annual basis. It is the perfect option for small business owners that do not want to spend a great deal of money on setting up a separate department. Instead, the money you save can be reinvested in your business so that you can expand further.

Hiring a Call Answering Company

If you have decided to hire a call answering service, the first thing you need to do is negotiate the monthly fee. Most companies offer a series of different packages that you can choose from. For instance, not all businesses require round-the-clock answering support. Some only need support during business hours. Other businesses may require ad-hoc support for a few days only. As a result, these companies offer a series of different packages that are best designed to meet the needs of different consumers. Make sure you choose a package that suits your needs.

Free Trial

There are plenty of companies that offer free trials to customers, making it easy for them to decide whether the company is capable of handling their consumer support or not. For instance, you can contact Message Direct for a free trial of their services in order to get an idea of the standard of support they offer. The free trial period generally lasts anywhere between 10 and 15 days. You should always opt for a free trial period in order to get an idea of the company’s services before making a decision about whether they are a good choice or not. Once you decide to hire the company for the long term, you can also give any special instructions about how to handle conversations and any special messages that you may want to give to your customers.

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