Secure Your Premises with Video Surveillance Software

Secure Your Premises with Video Surveillance Software

For a long time, people have associated video surveillance with the wealthy people. However, that notion is slowly disintegrating as people of all social classes now secure their home with security surveillance system. Cost is one important consideration, and it has given the efforts to homes and enterprise security a significant boost.

Security either at home or for you business is paramount. Installing an alarm system that alerts police in case of a break-in or threat to your family members is not enough. Video surveillance helps you to track every bit of what is happening and in real time from a distance. That means that you can watch a video on your smartphone or your computer at the comfort of your office or even when on holiday.

To do that, video surveillance software must come into play. The software enables you to record videos from both the IP and analog cameras. Being IP-based, you can control the software remotely through the network. Video surveillance software allows you to control the cameras, alarms, and record from a distance.

Video surveillance helps to monitor activities and people’s behavior particularly to manage, direct, and protect. With the improvement in technology, it is now possible to control everything remotely by use of electronic equipment such as CCTV.

To install a security system at your premises for off-site monitoring:

You will need IP cameras, network video recorder (NDR) and of course the source of power. Ethernet works best as it simplifies the whole process enabling you to position your cameras remotely. To watch over everything in the vicinity, you will need a video surveillance app on mobile or software on the computer to enable you to track everything when not onsite.

Stand-alone software or a hardware appliance

Video surveillance system may come either as stand-alone software or as an appliance already preloaded with the software. If it comes as software, you are required to configure and manage on any server that you prefer. However, a software-only system needs more tech-savvy users due to the complexity of set-up and installation.

If you are not an advanced user, an appliance would be excellent due to the simplicity of the set-up. However, this option comes with some disadvantages. Appliance-based Software hampers flexibility, customization, and may be incompatible with third-party appliances.

As a result, one important factor to consider when purchasing a video surveillance is the level of support for third-party systems. That appears not a big issue as video surveillance software can support a variety of cameras even the analog ones although it requires an encoder to translate the signal from analog to digital.