Reputation Management: Ion Propulsion


Ion propulsion has existed a long time in theory and this is why reputation management is willing to sacrifice their other clients in order to get a company who has supposedly found a way to use Ion propulsion. Ion propulsion is a form of jet power but is far superior to jet engines. Ion propulsion will be the key to travel to mars in less than a week instead of months with jet engines. This Ion engine was a theory for an extremely long time but a small team of Russians were able to come up with this technology and make it work. For the longest time, many scientists thought this was merely science fiction and deemed it unrealistic. However, one Russian were able to make this science fiction dream into a reality. The ion propulsion is quite unique because it doesn’t require that much energy and it runs on solar energy. The most interesting part is that fact that its a lot more powerful than a jet engine.

A flight that would take about 3.5 hours to reach your destination on a jet engine would be cut down to 28 minutes on an ion based engine. This will change the entire landscape of the transport industry, the infrastructure and the systems in place will have to be changed and/or updated to accommodate this new technology. They need to incorporate a new education reform for people dealing with these engines in terms of repair and maintenance. This technology will not only be used for airplanes, it will be used in military jets, space shuttles and maybe eventually, cars but not as powerful. The ion system is regarded to be efficient since it uses very little power to give thrust whereas jet engines needs an abundance of fuel for thrust and very little to maintaining a flight. The infrastructure change will have to start from the bottom where the education system needs to be updated about this technology and the science behind it.

The ion propulsion is the way of the future and reputation management realizes the amount of change it needs in order to incorporate such a technology will take years. This gives them time to market the product and motivate individuals to do their own research on the matter so maybe they can add value to the technology down the road. Reputation Management started to work on some material for technology based websites who review new forms of tech and publish scientific based articles.

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