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There are unlimited leading price comparisons sites through which customers can compare prices of different product categories like water heaters, TVs brands Sony, Samsung, Vu, LG etc., Refrigerators, ACs, Air Purifiers, Room Heaters etc. Online shopping saves time and money as customer’s can easily compare prices of different products online and thus shopping becomes easy with user-friendly interface. The latest gadget news helps to know about all the updates related to all products, their features, latest technology used, price comparisons etc. The popular categories of Water Heater price list includes Bajaj water heater, Orient water heaters, Havells water heaters, Usha water heaters, Crompton water heaters etc.

Heaters are available in different capacity i.e. below 2 liters, 2-3 liters, 3-6 liters, 6-10 liters, 10-15 liters and 15-25 liters etc. Different types of Heaters include Storage water heater, Gas water heater, Electric water heater, Instant water heater and Over the Side water heater etc. Price variations ranges vary from Rs. 2001-5000, Rs. 5001-10,000, Rs. 10001-15000, Rs. 15001-20000.The Usha Water Heater gives a splash of warmth providing highly efficient water heating solutions. Varieties of water heaters with different unique features are as follows:

  • Quado Water Heater

                 The features of Quado water heater includes whirl flow technology for faster heating, glass lined enamel coating on tank and has maximum energy saving with heavy duty Magnesium Anode Rod to prevent rust and corrosion.

  • Aqua Genie Water Heater

                 Its features include whirl flow technology for maximum energy saving and faster heating. It has world class glass lined enamel coating on tank and to prevent rust and corrosion heavy duty Magnesium Anode rod are used.

  • Verve Digital Water Heater

                 It has soft touch digital panel with remote control system having rating of 5 star as well as anti-bacterial function.

  • Misty Ivory Gold Water Heater

                This product has world class glass lined enamel coating on tank with super silent heating element and warranty of product is of 2 yrs while warranty of tank is of 7 yrs. and that of heating element is 3 yrs.

  • Aquagenie Ivory Wine

               Its various features includes incoloy 800 element with enamel coating, blue sapphire enamel coating on tank and also has 5 star rating. It has the capacity of 25 liter.

Different types of heaters are equipped with some or the other unique features which adds to its quality and function. Customers make choices of products as per their wishes and requirements and their budget. They can search online for product reviews and ratings, price comparisons with different product features. The expert team helps to clarify all the queries of customers, provide them solutions and free installation of products are provided by the service providers, therefore customers need not to worry about product services and installation. Customers can also clarify their queries online also and it can be easily solved and clarified by talented team experts. Thus customers are highly delighted and well satisfied by the sincere, responsible service providers.

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