Innovative Ideas for Hiding Electronic Eyesores


Interior décor is an art form. It requires meticulous thinking, patience and the intangible quality of just “knowing” what to put where. But when your home has completed it interiorly design, a new problem often surfaces that may have caught you by surprise—electric equipment. They are ugly, in the way and are hazardous to small children and family pets; not to mention, extension cords have a knack for tripping us flat on our bums.

We’ve already learned to become consumer savvy with our electronic devices (e.g., Direct TV internet), so why not become décor savvy to eliminate those infuriatingly educing electronic cords and other household electronic eyesores. In celebration of keeping things neat and tidy, here are several creative solutions for hiding extension cords.

Install Cubbyholes Underneath the Staircase

For those tired of seeing clutter small and wide, this simple yet efficient idea relies on installing retractable storage spaces underneath the staircase. When not in use, simply utilize your staircase as an essentially bigger drawer.

Turn your Power Cords Into Howard Stern’s Hair

Or any celebrity, family member or friend for that matter.

This fun and comical artistic expression of “hiding” cable cords doesn’t exactly hide the cords, but instead, uses them for creativity. Simply print out a headshot of someone with the appropriate style of hair, and well, use your surplus of extension cords to mimic the appearance of someone’s hair. You’ll have family and friends laughing, but also inspired by your wild sense of resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Design your Power Cords as Beautiful Wall Vines

If you can’t hide it, design it.

Whether it’s attuned to Mother Nature or designed according to the holidays, the choices are endless when it comes to using your extension cords as art. Depending on the amount time you choose to invest and your level of artistic expertise, you can transform and ugly mess of cords into something completely different.

Hide the Thermostat or Alarm with a Canvas

Just make sure the canvas is installed with dual hinges.

Nothing maybe more aesthetically displeasing than those isolated alarms and thermostats that are awkwardly installed into your wall with zero regard for interior décor. All you need is a piece of artwork that flips or bends when the alarm or thermostat is needed.

Innovative Ideas for Hiding Electronic Eyesores

The same goes for light switches as well. Although most likely less of an interior nuances than an alarm or thermostat, an isolated light switch can be easily camouflaged with an assortment of family photos that is charmingly aligned around the light switch.

Go Crazy with a Coil Lamp

Interior designer Craigton Berman was the first to think of an idea so crazy that it just worked. This simple yet ingenious idea is unassumingly a table lamp that is made from a 100-foot orange extension cord, which is then used to seamlessly wrap around an acrylic frame. When completed, the coil lamp is purely a sight to behold that will have your houseguests scratching their heads with amusement and bewilderment.

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