How to improve the security of your network?


To keep your all-important safe, it is quite important to have better control over your office network. Hackers are now everywhere, and they don’t miss a single chance to get access to your network and hack your system. Your company’s data can be compromised and affect your reputation. So, the maximum security of your network should be your major concern.

Are you looking for some effective way to keep your network safe? If yes, then you have arrived at the perfect place. Let’s explore the steps and secure your office network now.

Effective ways to keep your network safe and secure

  1. Have some basic knowledge

Before going deep into how to prevent hacking, it is necessary to have some basic knowledge about what is hacking. You need to know about potential threats of hacking. When you have the basic knowledge, you can take the required steps to secure the network.

  1. Use antivirus software

When there is a lot of computers connected to the network. It is very important to use advanced antivirus software. The software is designed to keep your network safe from hackers. So, when you have antivirus in your system, then there is no need to worry about data loss. However, for maximum protection, keep the antivirus software updated.

  1. Use firewall

Installing a firewall is an effective and best way to prevent hackers from hacking your network. The firewall can effectively scan the incoming and outgoing traffic of the network. So, it can prevent intruders. Your network well is safe from malicious activity. Keep your network safe by installing best and professional firewall software.

  1. Keep the office network updated

Always do a network audit and dive deeper. You need to update the software of your office network components. Change the passwords of the component after some months, check the setting and check for any faulty configuration. Besides, make sure that the computers which are connected to the network have updated the operating system. Use the latest OS, i.e., Windows 10.

  1. Filter your MAC address

One of the major security faults of the network is the lack of encryption and authentications. That means people can use the network just by plugging in. When you use a wireless network, you can at least go for WPA2- PSK. By filtering your MAC address, you can somehow prevent network hacking. It acts as the first layer of your office network security. However, it will not completely prevent hackers from getting into your office network. But prefer to keep your MAC address list updated for better security of your network.

  1. Install network security application

By installing network security software or application, you can make the hacking process difficult for the hacker. Such applications can greatly reduce the vulnerability of your office network, and you will get additional protection.

  1. Strengthen your network security

Take all the necessary steps to strengthen your office network security. By this, you can restrict the hackers from hacking your network. Use a strong password and don’t passwords which are related to your or company name.

  1. Store the duplicate data in the cloud storage

No matter what you have done to secure your network, hackers can somehow bypass them. As there is always a chance of hacking or data theft, you need to try every possible way to lower the risk. You can backup your data in the cloud storage.

These are some of the best tips that you can consider to secure office network. For all organisation, it is essential to keep their network safe. So, prefer to carry our network testing frequently. By keeping it safe, you can maintain your image.

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