How Backing Tracks Can Be Used


The music that is played in most pubs and restaurants requires that they pay a monthly fee to a music service like BMI or ASCAP. This fee is used to pay the artists that sing, write the lyrics, and produce the songs that are played over their stereo system. However, you can bring music into your business without paying a fee by downloading background music online.

Using Background Music

Businesses like pubs, restaurants, and cafes use background music to help their customers relax and the music is often in keeping with the business’s theme. Some of these businesses, especially pubs, may use jukeboxes instead so their patrons can select the music they wish to hear. Even though they use jukeboxes, the music has to be updated on occasion and the system maintained, so it can still be costly for the business.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to playing music that requires you to pay a fee to entertain your customers. You can download backing tracks online and burn them onto CDs or record them digitally to supply the type of music that you want your customers to hear in your pub or cafe. There is a large selection of tracks available so you can pick the ones you want to play in your business, pay the cost per song, and then download them for your stereo system.

What are Backing Tracks?

These tracks are professional recordings that do not include the lead vocals or the lead instruments. So, if you were downloading a track of an Adele song, it would only have the backup instruments playing and the backup vocals, but Adele’s voice and the lead instruments would not be included. This music can be used in a wide variety of ways, including playing in businesses.

These tracks come in any genre that you can imagine because artists of every kind need backup music for their songs. So, whether you want rock music or gospel, you will be able to download any type of music that you want. As well as businesses, these tracks can be used by DJs for live theatrical performances, to record, or to perform these songs on a live stage.

Music for DJs

Since DJs also have to pay licensing fees for copyrighted music, they can forego the fees by using these tracks instead. They can use the downloads for playing at the events or parties for which they’ve been hired to play, such as birthdays, weddings, or holiday parties. They can also use these tracks to create original mixes to record and play when they are hired for jobs in nightclubs.

When you go online, most websites will list their selections by artist or category and you can usually preview the selections. Then you can download them to your device and use them however you see fit, whether that is over your sound system in a business or to record music of your own. Many of these sites also provide sheet music if you want to play the songs live.

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