Domain and Hosting, What are They? What is the Domain of a Website?


There are many rashes when choosing a domain name for a blog or even a website, several names that seem to have no meaning and some can influence the performance of the site in many ways. There are also premium domains for sale for outreach customers.

What is domain?

Every store has a name, does not it? Every site also, but at the end of the name, the sites usually carry an extension (.com, .net, .info, .org). This address is called a domain and you usually pay a small annual fee to keep this address with you. So domain is this: a name that you buy and that will be the address of your website.

And the hosting?

Everyone knows that the internet is made up of several connected computers. Within these various computers, there are some that are used exclusively to save those sites. These are called web servers.

A good hosting service offers very important services such as copying the data of your site, for eventual restoration, in addition to 24-hour support, a constant power system, so that your site is always in the air, even if there is no power. All this without rest, day and night, rain or shine. In short, hosting would be like the home of your site.

Another cool thing is that with hosting, you’ll be able to get your email personalized and stay more organized.

Best server hosting

I confess that in the part of recommending companies that have these services is that the beast catches. I’ll be very sincere here, every company has its pros and cons, putting the complaints I’ve heard of company X or Y.

The hosting values ​​depend on how much disk space (memory for images, blog texts) you want, if you want one or more personalized emails, then you put it on the scale. In addition to the fact that there are quarterly, monthly, annual, semi-annual plans. It all depends on what you choose.

So saying hosting values ​​gets harder.

Learn how to register a domain in a simple way!

Because of the enormous relevance of the online universe, most freelancers, entrepreneurs and even bloggers are already thinking about acquiring a “.com” domain as a medium for dissemination.

It is worth mentioning that although there are several subdomains such as “” or “” and having a “.com” domain is much more professional.  Try to find the domain as you want but If you want to buy a premium domain, read more info here.

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