7 Link Building Techniques That You Should Try Now


Link building may seem like a tedious process that can frustrate a website owner. If you are looking for SEO services Washington DC, you should keep the link building techniques below and implement them to your own strategies for optimum success on your next project.

  1. Build high-quality links

Link building shouldn’t be restricted solely to the amount of the links. You have to give importance to the quality of the links that you are building. Look at the PageRank of the website linking to you. Are they spammy? Disavow them. Are they high ranking? Find out why they linked to you and build on that.

  1. Be the source

The notion that there is no longer original content on the internet is simply wrong. Where do you think all “copycats” get their ideas from? The source may be harder to find due to the sheer amount of spammy websites, but if you are the source, there are legitimate websites that will willingly link to your website for your contribution.

  1. Prioritize organic links

Paid links aren’t bad, but you should maintain it to a level that doesn’t exceed 25%. Organic links are still better to have because of the consistency of these links to your website. Link building should be a slow and thorough process, not an overnight deal with websites that let you pay for real estate on their high ranking website.

  1. Look at your competition

When you’re trying to beat the competition, the company that gives you SEO services Washington DC should know your reference. This will give them an idea of who to compete with and how to compete with them. This doesn’t mean that you need to employ the same strategies, but you should know how they succeeded in the first place.

  1. Build the broken

Broken links are high commodities on the internet. As long as you are smart with your approach, building from broken links is going to be prosperous for your website. Make sure that the links that you are building from are within the scope of your own content. Otherwise, it might as well just be a spam link.

  1. Get ahead

Your competition, just like you, wants to succeed with their link building. Try to get ahead of them by knowing their strategies and being where they want to be first. Companies that provide SEO services Washington DC may even provide observation to let you study how your competitors work. When you figure out their formula, use it against them.

  1. Do giveaways

Everybody likes free things. When you do giveaways, you are giving people an incentive to link to your website because of the items that you may be giving away. You will be able to increase your reach organically through this even though you are essentially paying in the form of the item that you are giving away.

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