Benefits of Moving to the Cloud


One of the biggest problems that many companies faced in the past was that of data storage. Companies have to maintain records of transactions, employees, customers, and other items, however, keeping such excessive amounts of data posed a major challenge. Companies had to ensure that the data was readily available on hand so that employees could use it for making strategic decisions. Most companies had no option but to invest in private data centres.

The data was essentially stored on servers that were linked to a closed network. Unfortunately, this posed another issue: the data could only be accessed from a single location. Furthermore, in case the servers were damaged or hacked into, the data would be compromised. However, all of that changed when cloud computing was introduced. Previously, people had to use applications and software programs that were downloaded on a physical computer, but, if you are on a cloud computing network, you can access the same applications directly through the Internet.

Almost every company now uses cloud computing. For instance, when you check your bank balance on your mobile phone or update your status through Facebook, you are using the cloud. Cloud computing is fast becoming the standard today. According to certain estimates, more than 90% of the businesses in Australia and the UK are expected to use some sort of cloud service by the end of the year.


One of the major reasons why so many companies are moving to the cloud is because of the flexibility it offers. You don’t need to worry about fluctuating bandwidth problems at all. Businesses on the cloud are highly scalable. As your needs begin to grow, you can just draw more power from the remote servers, or, if you want to scale down, you can choose a smaller package. Flexibility is a major concern for business owners.


Companies like RendTech Associates offer complete cloud computing healthcare services. If your network is based on physical servers, it might take a little while for the support staff to respond. However, if you are based on the cloud, you will have round-the-clock support in case you want to switch the package or wish to know more about a particular feature.

Financially Wise

For every company, it’s important to make decisions that can improve their profitability. Moving to the cloud is a very profitable move as your power costs will reduce significantly and you won’t need to hire as many people. Financially speaking, this is probably one of the best moves that you can make for the growth of your company.

Improved Collaboration

The biggest benefit that cloud computing provides is that it increases collaboration between your employees. Increased collaboration between your employees can have a major impact on company performance and profitability. Companies such as RendTech Associates offer an extensive array of support services for companies in the healthcare industry. Increased collaboration between the doctors and experts can greatly improve your company’s profitability ratios and reduce needless costs.


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