A how to guide for your Freeview plus

A how to guide for your Freeview plus

How to make sure you attain the most of your Freeview Plus

You have come across the name Freeview Plus before, and that is why you are reading this. Do you feel that you are lurking behind as you get into Freeview Plus? Alternatively, are you a Freeview Plus newbie who is interested in learning more? Below is everything you need to know. Read on for detailed information on getting the most from Freeview Plus.

So what is a Freeview Plus?

It is a new way of bridging catch up TV with free to air broadcast. The process revolves around electronic program guide with other several functions built inside. Freeview Plus is based on a technology known as Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV. It is a global industry standard for combining catches up television and FTA in a single platform. The people responsible for this technology ensure that global standards make it possible to launch new features and make changes to the current ones.

How do you get Freeview Plus?

There are things that you need to have to ensure that Freeview Plus is functioning without any problems

A TV that is ready for Freeview Plus

You know this by checking a Freeview Plus logo on the box. If it’s a new television, you can opt for a set box or PVR.

A digital TV reception

This makes you update your aerial if you have not done it since the analog era.

A broadband connection that can handle high-level use

When you are setting up the Freeview Plus, you will have to do an automatic program scan on your smart TV. You can do it manually if there is need to do that. It is easy using your remote. You press the auto scan button, which comes in handy when launching new Freeview channels.

Freeview plus features

Those people who are familiar with Freeview plus, know that it is not new in the market. The product was launched in 2007 as the ‘Freeview Playback,’ but rebranded as Freeview Plus in 2008. This move put Freeview Plus in the same position as Sky+, BT’s Vision+ box, Virgin Media V+ system, and Freesat+.

Freeview plus has several notable features. A built-in hard disk drive is a feature that all these devices share. A Freeview Plus has this specification to give it the ability to record all the programs listed in their eight-day Electronic Programme Guides. In fact, the HDD is always recording which enables Freeview Plus systems to recess a live TV program for about thirty minutes and replay it for personal needs.

One feature that gives the Freeview Plus systems an advantage over Sky+ is the twin TV tuners – this means you can watch one program while recording the other. Also, there is a handy Series Link option to record all your favorite shows or episodes on TV.

Another outstanding feature is the fundamental recording mode, which makes sure that signals from the broadcaster trigger all the program records instead of the old schooled VCR-style timers. The trigger helps the Freeview Plus system to change or delay any recordings scheduled just in case a previous program overruns or the TV listings change.

Make use of the remote

Your remote will come with colored buttons

  • Green – It opens the electronic program guide. It has two options, the mini format, or the bigger version.
  • Yellow button – opens the full menu
  • Red button – acts as the exit button and will exit you from all programs and take you back to the TV screen.
  • Blue – helps you set up favorites.

Get a reminder of the current program and know what is next

The update is possible with the Freeview plus Mini Guide small EPG that appears on the TV screen every time you press the green button. The arrow buttons help you know what is showing at that point and what will show next. However, if you mark a show and press the OK button, the current channel will not change. You get extra info on the program that you clicked while the current program is running. It is your choice to look at it or continue with the previous program.

Utilizing the reminder function

It sucks missing your favorite episode right. However, with the Freeview Plus reminder service, this is outdated. You can set up a reminder to watch your favorite show on the information page. All you do is highlight the Set Reminder button and press OK. To favorite it, you click the Heart icon that is next to the reminder button. If you are watching a series, you can set a reminder for all the episodes.

Learning more about the extra shows that you are not watching

If you want to do this, use the arrow keys in the program info page and you will see a button More like This. By clicking on it, you will see shows that are similar to the one you have been watching. You can click on any of these shows to check them out.

The catch-up functionality

It is an impressive feature to ensure that you watch a show that you missed or those shows that come at the same time. In case you have forgotten to set a reminder, this feature comes in handy. You do this using the EPG. At the left arrow on the channel, there is a list of what has aired, click on your shows, if the channel offers the shows as part of the catch-up feature you can play it. The show will start showing after pressing the ok button.

Utilize the search function

The service helps you find a movie or show on the menu. It enables you to know if your favorite show or movie is coming up.


Freeview Plus also allows you to manage your shows easily. With all the above tips, your TV experience will be amazing.