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The implementation of a digital strategy through simple offers designed with a network of partners can be complicated. Originally created for large e-commerce sites, the affiliation model has recently been adapted to VSE / SME, to help small e-merchants to grow their turnover. Hustle Life delivers some key concepts here and presents the most appropriate levers and best practices to support apprentices in their first steps.

A Little Reminder About The Affiliation

It is an internet-specific advertising mechanism by which an e-merchant (affiliator) pays another (affiliate) website that promotes its offers when the latter generates sales. The affiliate can relay and a coupon, tips, text links, banners. We can compare these affiliates to some kind of digital VRP. From hustlelife.net now you will be having the best details available for the same.

Affiliation: A Technique Adapted To Small Or Reserved For Adults?

Affiliate programs have proven to be very profitable, with their ability to increase the sales of large merchants by 25%, but they have always had a very high entry fee (fixed or minimum billing fees each month). compared to the investment capacities of 95% of the web players, while requiring from them technical skills and significant management time (generally a full-time person) who has de facto left them out. Increasing their dependence on Google.

However, among these levers of acquisition, some are particularly suited to the key issue of small e-merchants: generate maximum sales while controlling its acquisition budget. It is to this exercise of simplification and accessibility that the group has engaged in developing the Hustle Lifeplatform . The aim has been to provide an affiliation solution adapted to the 95% of who produce less than 3,000 orders per year.

The first decision of Hustle Life was to favor, as a first step, the remuneration to the CPA (cost per share), which allows the e-merchant to pay a commission only if the action of the affiliate generated a sale (compared to the well-known CPC – cost per click, or CPL – cost per lead and CPM, cost per thousand). CPA has the advantage of not soliciting cash from the small e-merchant.

The First 3 Acquisition Levers For The Small E-Trader

Among the most promising acquisition levers for major accounts, Hustle Life has selected three that it has adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses:

  • Cashback
  • Sponsored Links with Google Adwords
  • Discount Coupons and / or Good Deals Sites

How it works ?

Cashback is the refund that a consumer can get after their purchase. The user is registered on a cashback platform and then he goes to your e-shop, which has been referenced in its directory. If he buys you then give back to the cashback site a commission on the generated sale, and he himself gives back some to the customer. It can recover between 1 to 25% of the amount it has spent through this site cashback. The strength of this type of partner lies in the power of their Internet communities, which consume very frequently through their sites.

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