Incredibly Affordable Micromax Canvas Xpress 4G Now Launched!

The new buzz word in the technological arena is definitely 4G speed and connectivity as users constantly desire faster speeds in a world that is refusing to slow down. Coming into the 4G foray is another entrant- the Micromax Canvass Xpress 4G which comes at a price which is easy on the pocket but boasts of a robust configuration. With a higher RAM and larger storage, this phone is quite the package for its price.

Check out the amazingly crisp details on the Micromax Canvas 4G:

Micromax Canvas Xpress 4G

Design and Feel

The phone has a brilliantly vibrant plastic back case with a chrome finish making it look extremely sleek and stylish. It has metallic strips on both sides giving it a premium feel. It comes with soft touch keys which are placed below the screen to provide access to Home, Tasks and Back options. The phone weighs a little heavy in the hand but provides an overall sturdy and good grip in the hand making it quite comfortable to use. You can get your hands on this affordable phone with flipkart coupons which looks just like any other premium phone in higher price brackets.


The phone has a crisp and stunning 5 inch IPS HD display with 16M color depth to bring to you a bright array of colors which are masterfully reproduced. It has a pixel density of 1280×720 for vivid viewing making it a stunning screen for playing movies and games as well as enjoying photography and videos with perfect detail. The only drawback to the screen is that it fades out under harsh light and does not offer the best viewing angles.

Internal Specification

The phone is a true winner when it comes to internal offerings with a hard wearing configuration for lightning fast processing and performance. The phone has a sturdy 1GHz Quad Core Processor with a 2GB RAM to take care of high performance without lags. It allows you seamless multitasking and a swift gaming experience that will keep you hooked. The phone offers 16GB internal memory which can be further boosted by 32GB to take care of your data requirements as well. Being 4G LTE enabled, the phone is equipped to reach download speeds of 150Mbps making it all the more delightful. This configuration is quite a good bargain considering the price on offer. As far as operating software is concerned, it’s updated and runs on the Android Lollipop 5.1 version for enhanced features. Buy this phone without hassle with ebay coupons to avail discounts and get a great price on this amazingly crafted phone.


The phone is equipped with an 8MP camera with Flash which helps you capture colourful shots with good contrast and visual color reproduction. However, the photos do have some noise which is evident when the picture is zoomed into. As for selfie lovers, the phone offers a 2MP front facing camera to take well balanced group shots and selfies which are perfect for your social media accounts.

Pre-Loaded Apps

What makes the Micromax Canvas Xpress all the more attractive is the fact that it is loaded with entertainment and productivity apps to help you squeeze the most out from the phone. It offers apps like Amazon Kindle, Chaatz, Clean Master, Hike Quikr and Scandid to name a few. These apps will surely provide you utility on the go.

Get your hands on this incredibly loaded phone which is easy on the pocket but has a great design construction as well as resilient internal features to give you your money’s worth for sure.

Tips To Protect Your Android Smartphone with the Help of LEO Privacy Guard

In today’s time phones have become smart and people lazy. They want to save everything that they may need in their smartphones. Be it bank account numbers, social media passwords, resume, books, personal photos and videos, everything is just one click away. It might look convenient to some, but at the same time it’s quite risky as well.

What if someone gets to use your smartphone with or without your consent? Don’t you think he wouldn’t look into your personal data if given a proper chance? He will, anyone will do if it’s something that you had kept hidden from everyone. In case you don’t want anything like that happen to you ever in the future, you need Leomaster and keep the following important tips in mind-

Leo Privacy Safeguard

Don’t Let Anyone Use Your Smartphone Behind Your Back

Keep your smartphone with you, always. If any of your sibling, friend, relative or colleague asks you to hand him over your phone, don’t say yes. It might look rude to some, but then you can afford to be called a rude person if that’s what costs to keep all the secrets behind the walls.

Don’t Put Extra Sensitive Data in Your Smartphone for Too Long

Smartphones come with huge storing space and excellent camera options, which make it easy for users to click pictures and store them so that they can cherish in the future. There is no harm in doing so. But make sure if you click any sensitive picture of yours with your loved ones that shouldn’t be accessed by others at any cost, don’t keep them in your smartphone for too long. Click, enjoy and delete without thinking much.

Download an App Locker and Be Free

If you don’t agree with the above two points, you can take the third option that is quite easy, hassle-free and smart. There are many app lockers available on the Android Play Store. Download the best app locker and protect your smartphone from being accessed by anyone without your consent. If you’re not sure about any good app locker, give a try to Leo Privacy Safeguard, which is considered as one of the best in the business.


It can lock your call logs, SMS logs, hide photos, videos and lock the entire gallery if need be. Isn’t it exciting? Yes, it is. So, if you don’t want to take any risk, download this wonderful app locker without any second thought.

Android Tablets Vs iPad

There are several key variations between your a couple of products.


Clearly, one of the largest differences between the two systems may be the operating-system. Android tablets are generally operating in a number of form of the actual Android Operating-system from Yahoo, while Apple’s iPad will be running in Apple’s iOS. Both of them are the identical simple Computer itself that utilizes a companies’ respective intelligent phones.Android Tablets Vs iPad

If you ask me, accusation in court a matter of desire. Nowadays, several designers desire Android over iOS, since it is quicker to change the app straight into Android’s app industry. Nonetheless, every single Android tablet (along with phone) might run over a different sort of the software program, which can make it any bit hard to bear for people, as some apps may match merely on the newerversion of Android, which each and every tablet might not exactly obtain.

Nokia’s that will provide the tablets determine when you ought to push the bring up to date in the Android application to each and every kind of system, thus one particular variety could easily get a great update, although some may possibly wait for a few months, as well as by no means have an revise in any way.

As far as I will be anxious, there is absolutely no clear success in this world. If you achieve a chance, try each one to see that main system you like greatest. Professionally, I am a greater fan regarding Android.

Display size

Developing a big screen can be a in addition or a minus determined by that which you intend to apply it, and especially about how you’re planning to carry a new pill around. As an example, I purchased the particular Straight talk samsung Galaxy Tabs, considered one of the most effective Android tablets presently out there, as well as a large characteristic personally ws the actual display was actually smaller sized than the iPad.

The actual iPad monitor ends Ten inches, making nearly as large because several modest notebooks. Which can be great if you intend to carry that within a book bag all the time and wish to watch video clips on it, nevertheless it will help it become harder to transport close to. For me, the actual Universe Loss created more feeling since i do not carry a backpack as well as like to grow it for you to meetings.

Therefore, again, simply no obvious safe bet here. You might like to determine very first no matter whether you need a wi-fi unit that is certainly light weight or you want the greatest display possible.


Applications do or die these days i believe. Possessing utilised both operating systems thoroughly, I’ll state that, even though iPad surely has a lot more programs as compared to Android, we already been let down together with Android which enable it to discover almost any form of application I will think of. Additionally, almost every business that makes a great application also.

In fact, inside my calculate, since Android income are now surpassing apple iphone, as well as the truth I said over that it’s simpler to develop software and acquire from the Android market place, I would not be amazed to see Android catch up the Apple in the future in relation to applications.


It would appear that even the best Android tablets be cheaper all round, and you can have some great, low cost Android tablets out there. Both have info plans, and also you can not do much with no files plan on a product if you don’t live in a new wireless sector, and that means you will more than likely turn out spending a comparable generally there.

Tips to Download Android Apps Safely

Android OS dependent devices tend to be ruling your electronic earth today. Android Smartphone’s would be the only ones which can be said to have affected your growth with the mighty i phone. The major reason behind like huge popularity with the Android devices isn’t just because your OS is actually from Google but additionally mainly because that there is no scarcity for free applications with regard to Android dependent devices that creates them favorite. Though there is no scarcity to the free Android apps, unfortunately, along using free stuff can be purchased in the trouble of spyware and infections. The possible risk of asking for the Android OS devices corrupted with virus or spyware is keeping most of them stay far from enjoying many free Android apps. Figures indicate that 18, 000+ fresh Android apps appeared just with this month (November 2010 alone). Certainly, looking with regard to safe virus free download Android apps appears to be like in search of a needle in a digital haystack associated with data. On the other hand, here will be the key to straighten out the soundest Android applications in the rest.Android Apps Safely

The very best Protection Virus, Spyware and Adware:

Well, this may not be about any kind of advertisement about some antivirus program on your Android gadget. In fact should you go at the rear of searching for top level antivirus on your Android gadget, you’d probably find them in getting the virus itself. So the very best protection versus all vulnerabilities of the Android device would be to spot the very best one. Just persist in reading to know how to spot your safest free download Android apps.

* Reading user reviews, comments and also ratings the principle deciding element – The key deciding factor to verify the safety with the free download Android apps will be the user opinions. As your Android applications are getting widely utilized, there can be many first-time users for every application and in addition they would undoubtedly share their particular experiences using the application. If there is similar bad feedback in the users, it is obviously wise to stay clear of that software.

* Disregarding Permission Alerts are routes to break the rules of personal data – All of the Android powered devices bring sensitive personal data. Due to help people’s tendency to setup and try every one of the free apps, scammers can gain quick access to this kind of info too. According to help certain studies, only 1 beyond 10 people investigate installation instructions and also the permission warns. Ignoring your permission warns (such as things that need ones permission gain access to your tackle book) will likely be like launching the doors open up for your scammers. Browse the permission warns carefully even though installing free download Android apps. If there are no authorization alerts throughout installation, you can always view the permission environment buy navigating to help “security” via market- menu- downloads-select request – menus – safety measures.

* Android apps obtain from sites that supply a success of formative and useful information – There are many spots online to find free download Android apps as well as lots associated with details. Always hunt for info for instance history associated with previous versions with the application, permissions essential, user reviews, application progression history and so forth.

How Latest Gadgets and Technologies Have Changed the World

We can not live without electricity we can survive all day, without knowing that it is the latest gadgets and technology in the market to buy, which would be beneficial for entrepreneurs and the like, and also to work on our immediate task or objective at hand . Basically, we need technology and we have the best of it. We live, strive and thrive on information. Gadgets that invented or products is questionable. Some of these things TV, phone, camera, video camera, a microwave oven, video cassette players and recorders, game consoles, Sony Walkman, IBM PC or PC, etc.. The latest gadgets include superior versions of DVD drives, smartphones, cameras, laptops, iPods, iPhone, Blackberry, PC, laptop, pedometer, etc. This modern gadgets have changed the world gross understatement. No one wants a return to the days of no TV, no washing machines and, of course, without a cell phone, one of these gadgets. Gadgets are dozens, companies compete with each other to catch the eyes of gadget lovers, or just time pinched consumers. The fact that we some companies today is driven by technology, it seems that giving big changes for all of us. This change is for the better or worse than others.iPhone table

As these latest gadgets and technology, people have put reading books, and behind them. They lost focus on the origin of all, as a method of education is extremely important. Reading not only helps us to learn important information, but also allows us to use our imagination and make our work creative mind. We started calling books, words such as: school, outdated, unnecessary and old, that it is not. Most of us are looking at the computer and new technologies such as the latest way to spend our down time and you can relax more. We get lazy in our time. All our lives have been the fastest and most advanced technology in the world. We forget that we usually before these things come out. The basics of what they say. Discover, but we will never forget. It is precisely because these animals, it seems that from the beginning our lives run by nerds already.

On the other hand, most high-tech gadgets are very mobile and portable, giving the owner the opportunity to use anytime and anywhere. There are many high-tech gadgets with multiple functions. Owner gadgets can only use one or two devices to handle multiple tasks. High-tech gadgets to enhance personal and professional productivity. High-tech gadgets to make way for new units to be produced. Again our life easy and comfortable to be in.

May all our day-to-day life to do the same steps at the same time each day. The latest gadgets and technology plays a very important role in our society today, which makes a huge impact on our lives.

Instagram Android – The Reasons Instagram Is Perfect For Your Business

Instagram can be a cell application that enables users for you to immediately consider and/or publish pics in addition to rapidly revise these employing a exclusive pair of filtration and also a branded tilt-shift function (3-D effect) that will sets these apart from the relax. It can be stripped away from within reputation more rapidly when compared with another cell application in addition to is usually the reason why anyone position within series close to people on Starbuck’s is having a photo on the pastry situation regarding no apparent explanation. Instagram Android is enslaving possesses a whole state associated with iphone 3gs in addition to Android users hooked on it. And also in which the open public is going, your organization must adhere to.Instagram Android

If you’re the master of your organization and/or anyone liable for printing in addition to social media, you ought to be privy to the actual 3 Reasons Instagram Android is ideal for your organization:

Many companies are generally confused with regards to utilizing social support systems to build their purchaser base typically mainly because they just don’t employ a method using phrases or perhaps know how to develop their creative fruit drinks regarding content material promoting. Nevertheless every person prefers using pics in addition to let’s be honest: virtually all of all of us is like we’ve a knack guiding the actual video camera. Whilst darkroom final results frequently prove usually, the actual ease in addition to foolproof editing associated with Instagram Android will certainly in reality turn people into your Herb Rifts of this product/service content material promoting.

This is the great thing about utilizing Instagram for you to highlight ones product/service. Instagram filtration help to make business office offer companies, garbage treatment products and services, and even web marketers glimpse cool. Employ Instagram Android showing away ones product/service and even ones company traditions by simply capturing honest business office times. Instagram give individuality for you to models in a manner that no some other giving network has been capable to obtain to date.

Search engines Locations plus the completely new Google+ Local WebPages regarding corporations possess proven the value of experiencing a actual physical area that come with ones brand’s on-line presence. Instagram’s integration with the Foursquare area database means that you can Geotag the place the actual photograph has been taken from (i. at the. your home associated with business) allowing the idea to get included with the place webpage upon Instagram. In the event that users are generally checking pics dependant on area and see something associated with your own house that will appeals to these into their area, you could have the latest purchaser. If an area is just not outlined, you can add your organization to the Instagram Android database.

Android – Future Of Smart Phone Technologies Are Environmentally Friendly

The development throughout android smart phone technologies have lead to a lot of massive gamers bouncing in on the action. Suppliers joining with development brain devise and design hard for more recent and better operating systems and programs supporting the actual dynamic system of the devices, in this case touch screen phones.Android – Future Of Smart Phone Technologies

Android will be the portable os introduced by Search engines after the organization acquired Android, Incorporated. The phrase Android practically equals something which features a organic foundation as well as strongly copies a person. Virtually any phone which utilizes a great Android operating system is definitely an Android smartphone. From a scientific standpoint, Android is made up of; an operating system, middleware and important request. Android Smartphone’s uses a sort of your Red hat kernel which has been changed for everyone the actual portable setting. Consequently it’s free. The particular main system was basically introduced about 21 Oct 2008. Since then, various changes result. These types of updates get mostly taken care of safety matter and have included extra features. Your fourth along with latest sort of will be edition 2.2. Additionally it is referred to as Froyo. Many experts have determined by Linux system Kernel 2.6.32.

As outlined by the newest Global Circle Investigation, surpass i phone Operating system share of the market initially on worldwide time frame inside Drive 2011. Android is increasing at a faster pace as compared to iOS and today keeps 14.5% of global impact discuss around the InMobi system. Throughout the world, portable opinions keep growing swiftly, increasing through 21% around the InMobi community over simply 90 days, powered largely by cell phone expansion of 34%. Android Operating system ought to go beyond 40% talk about involving touch screen phones worldwide along with Straight talk samsung, HTC and also Talkabout at the forefront using mobile phones using the open-source program.

Within Q4 regarding 2010, Android passed The lenders battling Symbian as the leading os worldwide. An expanding list of sellers that have manufactured Android because cornerstone of the respective smartphone techniques is propelling the growth involving Android. The sellers include Samsung, HTC as well as Motrola, which get bending their mobile phone market share during decent out along with marketing various Android mobile phone models.

The actual good results within the investors about this open-source program is worth observing at the same time. Just lately, Tapjoy, cellular money making firm, starts a new $5 million finance to learn effectively regarding software makers in order to transfer his or her software to the cell main system. It’s a dazzling indication that one small enterprise will be discovering it better to company for the Android program. Shifting, Yahoo Nexus, one of many benchmark pertaining to high quality gadgets in the last a couple of years has become upgraded for you to Nexus 4G. Nexus 4G can be rumored to be supplying a dual-core Snapdragon cpu. It will likewise work Android 4.0 “Ice Ointment Sandwich”; figuring out via Google’s earlier Nexus products, it will likely be the very first phone to perform the brand new Computer itself.

Android database development in addition has picked pace since it’s business and also productivity sky-rocketed around the world. Android developers along with prospective Android content management businesses are working in conjunction and offering the top Android mobile applications for Android Market. Probably the most frequent as well as common Android program may be the smart phone game, Furious Wild birds.

Android Button for Beginners

Welcome Android beginners! Soon after perusing this show you may transform at a complete amateur for an older seasoned! Effectively, probably not, But it offers you a big step in that will course. This specific guidebook is intended pertaining to utter newcomers although will surely offer some terrific perception in order to a poor been experimenting along with Android button units for any little. In case you have any kind of concerns remember to don’t hesitate to thoughts or perhaps mail.Android Button


Home, Returning, Selection & Research: They’re the 4 button included in every Smartphone unit. The property Operating system press button supplies you with to your home screen any time forced. This selection button usually introduces configurations selections plus the seek press button queries. There are numerous great steps using these links although they will be protected in several posts.

Home Display: This is actually the screen you see when you electric power on the unit or perhaps feel the home Android button. It can be exactly where anyone spot blog in addition to widgets which is simply the middle hub for which you work your own unit.

Click: Extended pushing would be the take action associated with pushing in addition to holding a place of one’s screen pertaining to more time as compared to two moments. It permits you to transfer blog about the home screen to see extra selections about the home screen or perhaps inside of other blog. Consider the idea to be a “right click” for ones Operating system press button.

App Drawer: This app compartment would be the Android button pertaining to your blog. It can be offered from your home screen which is usually in the bottom strip associated with icons.

Notification: This notification bar would be the bar presents itself the screen that will lists signal Android button. Additionally, it shows other information such as period, mobile in addition to information wedding party, and so forth.

Options: To the uses in this write-up, configurations means your own unit configurations which are offered by means of pushing the selection Android button though on the home screen or perhaps while using the “Settings” process app in your own app compartment.

Widget: Any widget can be a “mini” app that you simply place on your own Android button of the home screen. Many of them get less operates than the full app although get fast function. There’re very helpful pertaining to very popular duties nevertheless, these people use a lot of process methods which enable it to decelerate your own unit.

Launcher: This launcher would be the portion of your own OPERATING-SYSTEM that you simply connect to. Contemplate this Android button since the tip in the Operating system iceberg. It wills settings your home screen, app compartment in addition to begin blog. This stock options launcher really does an incredible work nevertheless; the idea lacks many easy to customize possibilities. You’ll find launcher substitute blog available in order to more modify your own unit.

Frills your cool gadgets

The vogue for gadgets has been perpetually escalating given that the continue only some living. This escalating vogue has produced original opposition along with the gadgets producing companies. They are assembly all potential struggle to grab a larger portion of market.This vogue for gadgets be able to be seen habitually along with the youth of the humankind. So in the present day mainly of the gadgets are embattled primarily to the youth. Here has been a original wave of machinery in the formula of ipod. This upshot is completed to fit the tune lovers. The simplicity and the portability of the ipod qualifies it to be the finest media player of in the present day. The encourage subsequent of this thingamajig is ahead of your gadgets

It is merriment and laid-back to help. It be able to be whispered that it is the most up-to-date thingamajig in the humankind of tune players.You very be obliged to be proud proprietor of this portable media proprietor. The ipod is a shiny luxurious thingamajig so you prerequisite to be assiduous and protecting re iphone 4 gear. A fortune of cool frills are obtainable in the bazaar for your ipod. A little of the accepted frills contain headphones, gear, speakers, sleeves. Given that listening tune is enjoyed for the period of powerful a integer of ipod frills that are destined for cars are now obtainable. So if you long for to upgrade your ipod a integer of frills are now obtainable in the bazaar.

You be able to perceive a little especially amazing applications installed in your phones. The frills approximating iphone 4 put on the air protection be able to safeguard your ipod beside whichever spoil. You be able to perceive a fortune other frills that be able to enhance the glance of your ipod and get to it other ogle transmittable and poles apart from others.So if you are a thingamajig freak and long for to upgrade your iphone you prerequisite to get to a utterly option of frills. This option be obliged to be an exceptional one. Penetrating for iphone 4 partner in crime? The utterly location to go is shop. It is at this time that you pray perceive altogether types of frills for your gadgets. A little especially cool frills that you be able to show off for.