Tips To Protect Your Android Smartphone with the Help of LEO Privacy Guard


In today’s time phones have become smart and people lazy. They want to save everything that they may need in their smartphones. Be it bank account numbers, social media passwords, resume, books, personal photos and videos, everything is just one click away. It might look convenient to some, but at the same time it’s quite risky as well.

What if someone gets to use your smartphone with or without your consent? Don’t you think he wouldn’t look into your personal data if given a proper chance? He will, anyone will do if it’s something that you had kept hidden from everyone. In case you don’t want anything like that happen to you ever in the future, you need Leomaster and keep the following important tips in mind-

Leo Privacy Safeguard

Don’t Let Anyone Use Your Smartphone Behind Your Back

Keep your smartphone with you, always. If any of your sibling, friend, relative or colleague asks you to hand him over your phone, don’t say yes. It might look rude to some, but then you can afford to be called a rude person if that’s what costs to keep all the secrets behind the walls.

Don’t Put Extra Sensitive Data in Your Smartphone for Too Long

Smartphones come with huge storing space and excellent camera options, which make it easy for users to click pictures and store them so that they can cherish in the future. There is no harm in doing so. But make sure if you click any sensitive picture of yours with your loved ones that shouldn’t be accessed by others at any cost, don’t keep them in your smartphone for too long. Click, enjoy and delete without thinking much.

Download an App Locker and Be Free

If you don’t agree with the above two points, you can take the third option that is quite easy, hassle-free and smart. There are many app lockers available on the Android Play Store. Download the best app locker and protect your smartphone from being accessed by anyone without your consent. If you’re not sure about any good app locker, give a try to Leo Privacy Safeguard, which is considered as one of the best in the business.


It can lock your call logs, SMS logs, hide photos, videos and lock the entire gallery if need be. Isn’t it exciting? Yes, it is. So, if you don’t want to take any risk, download this wonderful app locker without any second thought.

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