Which is the best site to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6?


If you have purchased one of the Samsung Galaxy S6 mobiles at a lower price than the others because it is already locked to a network and now you want to unlock it, then this article is for you. If you want to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 AT&T then you will require the unlock code which will help you to use your AT&T device with any SIM card irrespective of the cellular network.

You can avail AT&T unlock services from the Samsung Customer Care service stores or any other stores who can legally provide ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 T-Mobile. The AT&T device unlocking service is super-fast and you can also get this service online from any of the registered sites by searching for it.

To avail this service online, just sign up on any of the registered platforms and log in with your registered email-ID. On logging in, you will have to submit the order for your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 unlock code with a nominal fee. As you submit, you will receive an email with the AT&T Network Unlock Code for your Samsung Galaxy S6 along with an instruction manual to guide you through the unlocking process.

How to Get the Samsung Galaxy S6 AT&T IMEI Unlock Code?

  1.    To find the IMEI of your Samsung Galaxy S6, you have to dial *#06# from your handset.
  2.    In doing so, you will find a 15 digit number popping up on your screen. Note that down as you will have to submit this number later on the registered website from where you plan to acquire the unlock code.
  3.    Now go to the company’s online webpage whose service you wish to avail to receive the unlock code.
  4.    Fill in the IMEI number in the desired location and submit your request.

As you submit your IMEI number, the company gets access to the Samsung master database. In that database, all the IMEIs are registered of the Samsung phones irrespective of their model number. The company will know when your product was manufactured, the model number, the colour of your handset and registration number. They will also get the status of the device whether it is locked or unlocked. On getting access to the master database, they will revert you with a mail on your registered email ID which will contain the unlock codes to unlock your Galaxy S6 from the AT&T network as well as the instruction manual.

When you receive the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 network unlock code, follow these steps stated below.

  1.    Switch off your AT&T network mobile handset.
  2.    Now, pull out the AT&T network SIM card from the device.
  3.    Switch on the phone without any SIM card.
  4.    As it restarts, enter the AT&T Network Unlock IMEI code that you received in the mail.
  5.    Your AT&T device is now unlocked from the network and you can use the device with any other cellular network’s SIM card whose benefits you wish to enjoy. So, insert the new SIM and start using it.

However, if you receive error messages continuously, do contact your carrier or a customer care service centre near you.   

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