What would be the role of additional processor in Galaxy S9?


The recently launched Galaxy S8 has two processor sets, yes! One the primary chipset and another is an additional processor Exynos M1, it is responsible for shortchanging movements. Allocation for this separate, dedicated processor justified. At this point in the S Health has an erroneous count steps when traveling in the car, shaking is perceived as walking. In the coming months this will be rectified. So, consider this to happen for Samsung Galaxy S9 as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 phone SuperAMOLED screen is 5.1 inch, QHD resolution. Nothing better to just not on the market, and the fact that all the companies are trying to move to AMOLED and ready to buy the Samsung legacy for generations to screen only shows how good the technology is. In DisplayMate traditionally conducted a study in the Display S8 / S8 EDGE, and the result is quite interesting, the previous leader in S7 EDGE Plus face gave way to crown the best screens in mobile devices called displays of the latest generation, nothing is better simply do not exist in the world. Check out this test, it is quite detailed and thorough. In the traditional test the display of S8 is outstanding, but the next innovation of Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t only be breakthrough but also impossible to achieve.

Let’s look at several technologies, each of which is not obvious, but it improves the use of these devices in everyday life. So, to begin with, how they behave screens in bright sunlight in S8, there is no problem, no glare, no reflections, brightness in the automatic mode can be set at a level that you will see the bright and colorful colors, all the contents of the screen is readable. But it depends on your preference, however, more on that later. So, sense the perfection of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.

Now let us imagine the unimaginable. Many people enjoy the summer sunglasses, many of them have polarized glasses. The problem with most screens in portable electronics is that they are poorly visible, especially in the normal, vertical orientation. The screen is the same iPhone 6 / 6s becomes darker than it really is. Turn the screen in a horizontal orientation, and it would be lighter. Miracle? Just layout. The screen for the Galaxy S8 took care of this “stuff” and a polarizing filter positioned at an angle of 45 degrees, so that no matter how look at the screen in the glasses, the picture remains bright. It is the first device on the market, in which even have thought such things for the screen. For sure, iPhone would be far behind when we will consider the Samsung Galaxy S9 display.

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