Is a VOIP Phone Right for Your Business?


Voice Over Internet Protocol is the long version of VOIP.  It is no longer new technology although there are many new apps and features which arrive in the market and are it may be worth upgrading your system to allow these apps to load.

VOIP phones work by sending your phone call information over a secure internet connection.  In many ways this works in exactly the same way as a conventional phone line.  The main difference is that by using the internet you can reach multiple people across the globe and you can do so without any loss of sound quality.  It is even possible to send a video signal with your call and see each other whilst you talk.

There are several reasons why VOIP has become such a valuable part of the business community; it is important to consider these when deciding if VOIP is right for your business or not.


In general switching to VOIP phones will allow you to save money on your phone costs.  It will no longer be necessary to pay for multiple phone lines and to waste time having a specialist contractor in to adjust any of the settings on your analogue phone system.

These cost savings can help towards purchasing additional software or apps to improve the response that you can provide to customers.


It has also been noted that productivity generally increases with the installation of VOIP Phones.  This is because colleagues can share ideas and even concepts just by linking over VOIP phones.  The result is several colleagues talking to each other despite being located round the world.  Instead of time consuming emails you can discuss new concepts and make decisions within moments; dramatically increasing the productive time available to all members of your team.


VOIP phones are an established concept within the business community.  Part of the appeal is the ease in which they can be adjusted and improved if necessary.  The majority of VOIP phones are part of a system which can be easily upgraded to allow you access to the latest improvements in phone technology.  This includes improved sound on the calls and new features.

Wherever you go

One of the latest improvements in VOIP phones is the ability to access your phone system anywhere in the world.  Providing you have a broadband connection you can actually log into the system as though you were sat in the office.  This will save you money and be more convenient than using your cell phone.

This system can be used via a dedicated VOIP phone which plugs into your computer.  Alternatively you can talk directly to others using your computer and even link via webcam to allow both parties to see each other.

Phone Number

Your business may be based in New York but VOIP can provide you with a number which is based somewhere else, such as in Chicago.  This may be very useful if this is a target area for your customers; they will believe you are local without you needing to correct them.

VOIP phones can offer a huge range of benefits to your business; unless your funds are exceptionally tight, it is worth paying the extra for a system which can grow with you.

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