Choosing a Smartphone for Girls


Gone are the days when smartphones for girls were primitive devices having rhinestones and were decorated with pink plastic inserts. Of course, girls treat new technologies somewhat differently than men. They pay much more attention to the looks of a smartphone rather than to its specs… However, functionality is, of course, is also important. So what should girls look for when choosing a smartphone?

The first criterion is the price. Average prices on smartphones range from 150$ to 250$. However, the price could be even lower if you want to buy a used gadget therefore we suggest you check out the cell phone prices online and decide for yourself whether you want to go for a new device or a used one.

The second criterion is its looks. Girls love bright and classy things and therefore a smartphone should have a glamorous and stylish design. In addition, it should be of either small size to fit in a small female hand or if you like big things, you might want to opt for phablets.

Another important criteria when choosing a smartphone is its reliability. You should go for strong, scratch-resistant body and a screen that does not tend to get scratched easily, e.g. The gorilla glass or its analogues.

The next important issue is the ease of use, ergonomics and an intuitive interface. It is important for a girl to have a quick access to the Internet; she should have an ability to type messages fast without feeling discomfort when using the device.

As for the internet, most of today’s smartphones provide you with a high speed Internet connection such as 3G or 4G LTE, and hence the ability to quickly access the network, make video calls and even watch some videos on YouTube.

You should also choose the type of touch screen. For those who prefer to handle their smartphone using a special stylus, your choice is the resistive screen. Whereas the multiple display can only be used with your fingers. Most of modern smartphones have multiple displays, as they are more reliable and easier to use. Resistive displays are usually used in low-cost models.

And, of course, a good smartphone needs to be functional. It should feature a really good camera for high quality pictures and videos, a powerful battery for those who like to talk a lot or use 4G LTE, an expandable storage for those who want to store as much data on their smartphone as possible. A smartphone should also run on good operating system, such as IOS or Android.

In general, when choosing a smartphone, you should rely on your preferences and needs. If you need a smartphone for messages only, we recommend you go for, say, a Blackberry 9900, which has a physical keyboard and thus makes messaging fast and easy. If you are going to take plenty of pictures with your phone, then you should chose an IPhone 6s or Galaxy S7 as they both feature really cool cameras.

Luckily, in today’s world of technologies, there is a great assortment of beautiful, high-quality, user-friendly smartphones that are not only an enjoyable accessory, but also a real tool that will make you productive and stylish!

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