The Effects of Cell Phone Radiation – Get the Facts!


In today’s society most people own a cell phone and use that cell phone multiple times a day. With Smartphone’s now giving us access to the Internet or providing us with the ability to send text messages and make a quick phone call, there is not much your phone doesn’t do. This is why if you walk down a busy street on any given day, you will see more than a handful of people using their cell phones.

Cell phones are great because of the convenience, but many will argue that effects of cell phone radiation can be dangerous to our health. So, what are the facts about cell phone radiation and what can be done to protect you?

Cell Phone Radiation Facts

It’s no secret that cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation. In fact, over 60% of the waves emitted from the cell phone will be absorbed by the body. Studies have shown that this type of radiation can effect the body’s cells. It has also been linked to cancer and other health problems. Among the types of cancers linked to electromagnetic radiation are brain tumours and breast cancer. In addition, putting cell phones in the pocket can cause low sperm count. Other health risks that have been linked to electromagnetic radiation include headaches and fatigue.  

Due to these cell phone radiation facts, many people are looking for options to protect themselves and their health. There are a few options.

Protecting Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation

Because of the cell phone radiation facts that link electromagnetic waves to cancer and other health problems, there are simple ways to protect yourself. For starters, simply monitoring the use and placement of your phone can help. For example, turning your phone off when not in use. Also, when using the phone do not put it directly to your head right away as radiation is increased at the start of a phone call.

You also do not want to put the phone close to your chest or in your pocket. Another option when making a call or talking on the phone is to use speaker phone. Of course this option is not always feasible, but when possible it can prevent any negative health effects.

Electromagnetic shielding devices are also available for your phone. These devices block the radiation from being absorbed by your body. Plus, they easily attach to your cell phone. These shielding devices are known to block low frequency radiation, wifi radiation, bluetooth radiation and cellular radiation.


As a cell phone user you are probably concerned about the cell phone radiation facts and how it is effecting your health. Studies have proven that the frequency emitted by cell phones can have a negative effect on your body. These risks can be minimal or severe. However, the best ways to protect yourself is by monitoring your overall cell phone usage and the placement of your phone, as well as using an electromagnetic shielding device on your cell phone.

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