How to connect multiple servers with security

How to connect multiple servers with security

In times of raising concerns over protection of personal data online, as an amateur, outsourcing online security for area experts is always more preferable. As far as privacy is concerned, the connection of servers must be safe in order to protect one’s online assets.

A virtual Lan (vLAN), or Virtual Local Area Network, is a private network which enhances secure exchange of information within the infrastructure of one’s remote cloud drivers. It often includes a service package for users to purchase for online security products, yet extra charges apply if the user needs an additional vLAN. It has so much to offer for anyone hiring more than one online server.

Connecting multiple servers

Online security service providers like Memset provide virtual LAN to allow users to connect more than one servers together, so as to encrypt the communicative materials with one another through a network that is not accessible to the public.

Before purchasing a vLAN from any online security company, there are six items which have to be taken into consideration–control, bandwidth, security, internal traffic, responsiveness and speed.

The main reason of using a vLAN is to ensure security, privacy and performance of the infrastructure purchased from the same online security service provider.

Making use of bandwidth quota

Instead of consuming bandwidth quota to connect with servers online, a more economical solution is to use a cross site private network at a fixed cost with a trustworthy, safe, responsive connection with guaranteed quality of service.

Connecting servers of different data centres within one service provider is the best practice for securing one’s online data transfer. If the provider offers real-time support, it would be even better to minimise any risk while transferring personal data across different servers. It is also noteworthy that a guaranteed bandwidth allowance can be a backup if there are ad-hoc issues for the cross site private network that connects data centres in different geographical locations.

Outstanding network performance 

Another advantage of using a vLAN is that it works like a secured personal hotspot: for public online traffic, the public side of the network is used, while the private server-to-server traffic is only limited to an online security service provider’s internal network, thereby enhancing the performance.

Shortening response times

Using vLAN instead of public network can route the traffic between private servers within a shorter time with higher responsiveness. Less traffic means lesser latency. With the use of Wide Area Network (WAN) and the backup of cross site private network, chances are, when the WAN doesn’t function, the cross-site network will act as an alternative with a slightly higher latency.

Without a doubt, a vLAN can be as useful as connecting multiple servers while minimising the risk of leaking crucial data, the shortcoming is that restrictions are still visible. For example, a vLAN has to be in the same networking zone, so that the users can enjoy the full benefits as mentioned above.