Cell Phone Radiation – Too Much Exposure Is Dangerous

Cell Phone Radiation – Too Much Exposure Is Dangerous

We are at risks everyday of our live. Our environment is filled with natural and artificial materials that may be potential threats to our health and safety. One of the major potential hazards in the world today which sometimes seems unavoidable but preventable is cell phone radiation. Knowing the potential hazards posed by cell phone radiation helps one take preventative measures and reduces risk for exposure.

Cell phones emits electromagnetic radiation which when absorbed by the brain and body to a certain level results into severe health related issues such as brain tumor and parotid gland tumors. Other electronic devices such as computers, coffee blenders, television, micro waves, and much more.

Cell phone radiation effects

Before protecting yourself from cell phone radiation, you should want to know what cell phone radiation effects you may likely encounter. The effect of cell phone radiation has turned out to be a major concern in the world today and thus has resulted into countless scientific studies. Over 4 billion people in the world including young and old, make use of phone. Some of the effects of radiation emitting cell phones include

  • Sleep dysfunction
  • Damaged tissue
  • Lack of strength, severe headaches, and pain
  • Cancers in the brain

How to reduce exposure to cell phone radiation

Avoid using phones. Even though, it sounds weird in this modern age to do without a phone. If you cannot do without your phone, it is therefore advisable to send text message or use a headset when speaking on the phone.

  • Look for a cell phone with low radiation. The EWG Guide helps one know a low radiation mobile phone.
  • Avoid phones that use antenna caps as this makes it overwork itself by consuming more power, thus emitting more radiation.
  • Before buying a new cell phone, it is advisable to check the radiation level. This will keep you and your family protected.

EMF Shield

Protecting yourself from cell phone radiation effect is very important. There are loads of products available on the market today designed to product you from these radiations. One of the best product which proves to be highly effective when it comes to defending yourself is energy jewelry. There are many different methods you can find as well such as bracelets, penchants and many more. These products are designed as a defensive shield from the electromagnetic frequencies emitting from cell phones.

Most people are practically inseparable from their cell phones, but it is healthy and wise to reduce to the barest minimum exposure to cell phone radiation. It is best to make calls when signals are strong, as cell phones tend to emit more electromagnetic frequency when signals are weak. If your phone will be idle for a while, then you should keep a few distances away from it as possible. When you want to take a nap or sleep, do not place your phone under your pillow. In order to stay healthy and make your immune system stronger, make sure you eat proper diet with all necessary nutrients including Vitamin A, C D and E plus.